Newsletter #3

It’s been a while since our last newsletter so I wanted to give you a development update.

To those of you who have recently joined us, a sincere thank you. The response to continues to be overwhelming and humbling. If you’ve missed our first newsletter, NoFilmSchool has republished it here. We’ve reached an important milestone and we are now feature locked which means from this day forward we are exclusively focused on getting release ready. As always, please email me directly with any comments, suggestions, love or hate.

Announcements and Questions

What the hell, why haven’t you released yet?
It’s not ready. We don’t want to deliver a half baked product.

How many people work at

How many people have you let into the alpha so far?

How many people will you let into the private beta?
100. We missed our start date of October 15th and are a few weeks behind schedule. If you’ve been selected to be in this program, a follow up email will be on it’s way in the coming weeks.

When will the rest of us get our hands on it?
Early 2015.

What are you working on to get it ready for release?
The less exciting bits like user account pages, cross browser testing, and infrastructure.

How can I get one of those awesome tees?

Visit us in our NYC office or tweet something nice and we’ll send you one. We’re suckers for compliments.

Are you hiring?
Yes! We’re looking for skilled full stack developers who love filmmaking and would like to join us full time. We are also looking for a front-end developer for a short term contract. Just respond to this email and let’s chat.

Lastly, if you’re in NYC or visiting NYC we encourage you to pop in and say hello. We’re friendly.

Written by Emery Wells

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