Newsletter #4

This is the newsletter for, a media collaboration platform that allows you to privately upload, review, and share media with your entire team, anywhere in the world.

For everyone that’s been patiently waiting, we sincerely thank you. As always, please send any question, comments, love or hate mail my way –

Rapid Fire FAQs:

How many people have signed up for

How many people have gained access so far?

That sucks. 219 people is only 1.54% of your total signups.

Who are you letting in?
We’re working very closely with select post facilities, advertising agencies, marketing teams, educators, and technologists to make sure we’re building the tools you need.

How can I increase my chances of getting in right now?
Do you have a cool project we can do a case study on? Tell us about it.

Why has it been so long since your last update?
We’ve had our heads down, building the app and getting it ready for release. We’re stress testing, bug squashing, launch video producing, etc.

When is the full public beta happening?
Early 2015.

It’s been 6 months since the first announcement, this smells like vaporware
The app is very real and works exactly as advertised. But it’s true, we’re behind schedule. When we announced in July of 2014 we were overly optimistic about our target release date. It’s a complex app that you will come to rely on for your business. We take this very seriously and want to make sure you can count on us.

I signed up early, do I get anything special for that?
Yes. We can’t thank our early supporters enough and come launch time we’ll have something in store for you.

I see all these t-shirts floating around, how can I get one?
We’re suckers for tweet compliments. @frame_io

Our first news letter answered a ton of other questions and you can check it out here

Written by Emery Wells

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