Harold Green Unboxes Frame.io Dreamstation. Makes Us All Jealous.

This past November, we partnered up with Adobe to give away the 2017 Frame.io Dreamstation. What’s a Dreamstation you ask? A $62,000 custom workstation designed for insane performance in Adobe Premiere Pro and Frame.io. It’s a not-so-lean but oh-so-mean editing machine. It was the biggest giveaway of its kind—we received more than 50,000 entries, and the lucky winner was Harold Green from Houston, TX.

Harold’s play by play unboxing of the Dreamstation on Twitter was so epic, we just had to share. We’ll let Harold take it from here.

We packed everything up, and shipped it out in one (very) large Fedex shipment.

No time for food. I’ll be posted up by the mailbox til Thursday 📭

Santa? Nope, but might as well be 🎁 🎁 🎁

Winning takes sacrifices 💪

Probably a billion…literally

Christmas never looked like that at my house 🤔




Careful, you might melt your hand 🔥🔥🔥


Z840 for the win 💯

It’s your lucky day, Harold ☘

Beautiful guts, at that 😍

80 TB???

80 TB???

Damn. Looking good, Harold 😎



  • Molnár Péter

    Haha, that smile! 😀

  • Andreas

    Congrats Harold, and thanks for sharing!

  • Peter Basmajian

    Awesome setup, congrats and have fun!