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3 Ways to Work with Proxies in Premiere Pro
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New! Offline Viewing on iPhone
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How to Choose the Right Codec for Every Project
New! Offline Viewing on iPhone
New! Offline Viewing on iPhone

Today I’m excited to share a major update to our award-winning iPhone application.


As filmmakers, the work we do is extremely important to our society. Video is the most emotional and impactful way to communicate in our world. It’s shaping the very fabric of the internet, and we get to work on the front lines. But this is a hard business – it requires many skills both artistic […]

Introducing for Adobe After Effects CC

Today we’re moving our Adobe Creative Cloud integration beyond the NLE. Our real-time collaboration layer  has revolutionized how editors work in Adobe Premiere Pro. Now, the same toolset has been integrated into Adobe After Effects. Once again, this provides interaction with the entire application. The custom panel is directly accessible in the After Effects UI. Product Launch […]

Our $10M Series A

Today is an incredible day for After winning an Apple Design Award in June and attracting close to 200,000 creative professionals from all over the world, we’re thrilled to announce a $10M Series A.

Introducing + Slack ❤️

We’re excited to announce you can now send project activity directly into a designated Slack channel.

Master in under 2 hours with

We teamed up with to cover everything from the basics to the advanced. for iPhone is a 2016 Apple Design Award winner

“It’s really hard to do this right, and does it right by filling a big gap in the creative workflow.”

Introducing for iOS

We went back to the drawing board and redesigned from the ground up as a native iOS app.

Introducing for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Today we’re launching our most ambitious project to date. A real-time collaboration layer for Adobe Premiere Pro.