Launch Report Card

In case you hadn’t heard, launched last Tuesday, March 31st. So how did we do?

We’ve always maintained open and honest transparency which we plan on continuing. So here’s how the launch went, by the numbers:

10,428 of you signed up from 7,814 companies in 130 countries.

Over 1000 hours of video was uploaded in the past 7 days.

It took 16 servers to keep the application alive during peak activity but we still experienced some downtime. If you tried uploading media that took a while to become available or otherwise couldn’t access the site, give it another try now.

We were covered by tech and media press. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Next to launch date, pricing is the number one question we’ve received over the past several months. It’s also one of the most essential for our business to get right. Pricing is not about extracting every penny we can from our users, it’s about finding the the right balance across dozens of factors so we can offer great value but still thrive as a business and continue to build an exceptional product for all of you. Let me be the first to say our pricing will change. It could go up or it could go down but our promise to you is you’ll always have the option to keep whatever pricing you signed up with. That means if it goes up, it won’t affect you. But if it goes down, you can take advantage of the savings. So without further adieu, our introductory pricing is as follows:

Free Forever:
No dollars – Get your feet wet for a while with 1 project and 2GB of storage.

$15/month – If you’re a freelancer or just getting started in the industry, this plan is for you. You get 3 projects and 10GB of storage.

$25/month – Professionals get unlimited projects, 50GB of storage, and full 1080p previews. This is the plan for working professionals.

$50/month – Got yourself a team? Great, the team plan gives you up to 5 team members, 100GB of storage, and unlimited collaborators.

$150/month – Bring your whole organization together with up to 15 team members and 400GB of storage.

Email sales and let’s talk.

10% discounts when you sign up for 1 year. If you have storage heavy workflows, we’ll be offering add on packs at a later date.

I’m pleased to announce that will be at NAB in the RED Booth. It get’s better. We have a new product announcement for Final Cut Pro Editors that will absolutely change the way you work. Come see us in the RED booth at the front of the South Hall.

Thank you all so much for an incredible launch. The whole team looks forward to continuing to make an incredible resource for your business.

Emery Wells

Emery Wells is the Co-Founder & VP, Digital Products, V4 Beta Feature Focus—Player and Commenting V4 Beta Feature Focus—New Design, Smooth Navigation V4 Beta Feature Focus—Beautiful Branded Sharing