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Introducing 2
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9 Principles For a Long Career as a Video Creative
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Why SNL Editor Adam Epstein Recommends Setting Insane Deadlines
Introducing 2
How helped make Brown Nation a Netflix hit

Brown Nation is a 10-episode series that debuted on Netflix in November. It’s a situation comedy about south Indian immigrants working in the US tech business. It was self-financed,  and independently shot and produced in and around New York City. We took the opportunity to chat with writer and director Abi Varghese about how an independent […]

How IFC’s ‘Documentary Now’ Crushes Collaboration

Documentary Now is a television series on IFC. It parodies celebrated documentary films, from Grey Gardens to Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Recently, the team took on Stop Making Sense, Jonathan Demme’s legendary 1984 concert documentary about the band Talking Heads. plays an integral role behind the scenes, as this video attests. The series was […]

The new face of the election: VoteCastr, Election Day and

An election that already has been nothing like any before it has more surprises in store on November 8. This is true regardless of the outcome, thanks to the efforts of a grassroots organization called CitizenEyes, along with new technology developed by VoteCastr, the iOS app, and a small army of millennials. This potent combination […]

Vashi Nedomansky
Behind the scenes: 6 Below

We chatted with editor Vashi Nedomansky to discuss the special challenges of 6 Below, the first feature film entirely for Barco’s Escape format, as the show is in post-production for a 2017 release.