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#MadeInFrame: Harry Styles’ “Kiwi” Music Video
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Complete Guide to RED Workflows: Premiere, FCP X, Avid, Resolve
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What Makes A True Game-Changer? Twelve Film Industry Leaders Weigh In.
#MadeInFrame: Harry Styles’ “Kiwi” Music Video
Complete Guide to RED Workflows: Premiere, FCP X, Avid, Resolve

An in-depth look at how to prepare for and edit high-resolution RED footage for every kind of project, regardless of the NLE you use.

Mastering an Arri Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro

ARRIRAW can yield amazing images that take up an enormous amount of space. Learn the ins and outs of managing all that data (or making the call not to).

Workflow Breakdown of Every Best Picture and Best Editing Oscar Nominee

We spoke to the post-production teams of this year’s best picture and best editing Oscar nominees to bring you this epic workflow breakdown.

3 Real-world Examples of a Remote Dailies Workflow

Using a digital dailies workflow can keep all your production’s stakeholders updated. Here are some real-world examples and tips for creating your own.

Turbo Charge Your FCP X Workflow with DaVinci Resolve

Exporting from FCPX to DaVinci Resolve allows you to overcome FCPX’s lack of XML, OMF, AAF or EDL support. It throws in a few other benefits as well.

The Missing Details of Baby Driver’s Crazy Workflow

Paul Machliss ACE shares why editing “Baby Driver” was such a challenge, giving us MORE details on the pre-production to post, film to digital workflow.

Why DaVinci Resolve is the Ultimate (Free) Tool to Sync Clips

In Davinci Resolve you can sync an entire day’s footage with one click, and it’s free! Learn how productions are integrating Resolve into their workflows.

3 Ways to Work with Proxies in Premiere Pro

Proxies give the video editor ultimate flexibility, and Premiere Pro makes them easy. This in-depth article explores 3 ways to use proxies in Premiere.