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How Frame.io helped make Brown Nation a Netflix hit
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How to grow an audience for your YouTube channel
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Five shooting situations that require a specific camera
How Frame.io helped make Brown Nation a Netflix hit
Five shooting situations that require a specific camera

Does your camera system meet the specific technical needs of your project? It is no doubt versatile, but is it really the best choice for high speed, green screen, low or dynamic light, or portability? Are you giving yourself too much to fix in post? Adding extra frames of slow motion, dealing with green screen artifacts, noisy blacks […]

These location audio mixers and recorders will last

Good location-audio mixers and recorders help you control and preserve sound. They aren’t cheap, but they are worth the investment. I’ll help you select the key components of a simple location-sound kit for working with just a few audio sources that will deliver uncompromised audio quality for many years, even as  your needs grow and change. A previous article offers you some great […]

Assemble the last location microphone kit you’ll ever need

Everyone says audio is 50-percent of video. But would you pay as much for your microphone kit as you would for your lens kit? Producers, directors, and camera operators regularly ask me to recommend sound equipment that will deliver better audio tracks than they get with a cheap on-camera microphone, inexpensive lavaliere mic, and a […]

Gear up now for live video streaming of tomorrow

If it’s been a while since you’ve perused your smartphone’s app store, let me bring you up to speed. Live streaming video apps have gone mainstream! Thanks to platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Periscope, individuals representing every demographic are already broadcasting their unique perspectives and personal experiences. Around the world, live streamers are […]

Why are music videos still relevant for filmmakers?

Where do people even watch music videos anymore? I’ve heard that question almost every time I tell someone what I do.

Five smart ways to color on set

What if you made all of your color decisions before the camera ever rolled?

An audition from a film casting
Cast great actors by holding better auditions

Casting is one of the most important and creative decisions a director makes.

Say yes to vertical video

If there is one takeaway from Internet video in 2015, it might be this: vertical video is here to stay.

Johnnie Walker Spec by Dorian and Daniel
How to launch your career with a jaw dropping spec piece

Whatever stage you’re at in your career, a great spec commercial can help you gain some much-needed momentum