NAB Highlights

First, I want to personally welcome all of the new members who have recently joined us. Your continued support and feedback means everything to us.

After only being launched for 2 weeks, the whole team headed to NAB last week for our first public exhibition. It was wonderful to finally meet so many of you who have been supporting us from the beginning. If you did’t make it to Vegas there are a few announcements I wanted to share.

First up, took home the award for “Best in Show 2015.” Wow! Big thanks to Teradek for inviting us on their NAB Live Show.

New announcements:

  • 1. Final Cut Pro X integration
  • 2. iOS and Android Browser Support
  • 3. Audio Panel Preview
  • 4. Integration with Box

Integration with Final Cut Pro X

You can now publish a timeline or individual clips directly to in full Same As Source quality or H.264. This is huge. My favorite feature is you can selectively upload only clips with markers so if you have a few clips in the timeline that need to be distributed to someone, just mark them in the timeline and publish to Read the full announcement here. The FCPX companion app will be free in the App Store in May.

iOS and Android Browser Support

Our first step in supporting mobile is to get a great mobile browser experience. We now support Chrome and Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.

Audio Panel Preview

We’re showing a preview of our new audio panel so you’ll be able to evaluate waveforms and see audio meters directly in the player.

Integration with Box

This past Wednesday at the BoxDev developer conference in San Francisco we announced plans to integrate with Box later this year. Why is this important? Box is known for having one of the most secure content storage platforms and many businesses already rely on the security and compliance that Box has been perfecting for years. With our Box integration due later this year, you’ll get all the security you come to expect from Box with the seamless usability of The announcement was highlighted on stage with more than 1500 developers in attendance. You can read the full announcement here.

And lastly, No Film School has published an interview where I demo the new features from the NAB show floor. You can check that out below.

Emery Wells

Emery Wells is the Co-Founder & VP, Digital Products, V4 Beta Feature Focus—Player and Commenting V4 Beta Feature Focus—New Design, Smooth Navigation V4 Beta Feature Focus—Beautiful Branded Sharing