Seamless integration with Final Cut Pro X is here

6 months ago I visited Apple for the first time and met with some of the Final Cut Pro X team to give them a sneak peek of before we launched. Yes, the Apple campus is beautiful and classy (as one might expect).

Today, we’re releasing our very first third party integration which is a killer new companion app for that integrates directly with your Final Cut Pro X timeline. It’s completely free on the Mac App Store and we made a great film to showcase how it works.

Integration with Final Cut Pro X is just our first step in making work seamlessly with the creative tools you already use. This integration is particularly exciting because it allows entirely new workflows in Final Cut Pro that will save you tons of time.

Emery Wells

Emery Wells is the Co-Founder & VP, Digital Products, V4 Beta Feature Focus—Player and Commenting V4 Beta Feature Focus—New Design, Smooth Navigation V4 Beta Feature Focus—Beautiful Branded Sharing