New player, faster playback

Over the past 3 months, we’ve been working really hard for you. We raised $2.2 Million dollars from a phenomenal group of investors, nearly doubled the size of our team, and today we’re releasing some serious performance updates and a long list of bug fixes.

The biggest update in this release is a brand new player experience, optimized for performance. We dug deep into our player code and the result is smoother playback with less waiting. Here’s how it works:

We didn’t stop there, we’ve released dozens of fixes to make more stable. Here are the headlines:

  • All new player with better performance, hover scrubbing, and resolution picker
  • Can now version any type of file, not just videos
  • Profile images are now saved in retina resolution
  • Anyone on a team can now remove collaborators
  • Presentation pages that only contain folders no longer freeze
  • Projects that are shared with your team no longer show up duplicated under “shared with me”
  • Links with quotes in comments now hyperlink correctly
  • Fixed payment error when trying to upgrade your account with no active projects
  • Fixed password reset link on mobile
  • Annotations can now be drawn all the way to the bottom of stills
  • When entering a comment more than 1 line long, the comment field no longer dips below the background
  • MTS files now properly generate hover scrubs
  • Fixed 5K iMac playback performance issues
  • Files no longer get renamed when downloaded

What’s coming up next?

We have some incredible new features scheduled for release early next year. Now that we’re past a few humps with fundraising and hiring, we’re able to dedicate more resources to cranking out new features. You’ll start to see more regular product updates with lots of great new features in the pipeline.

Emery Wells

Emery Wells is the Co-Founder & VP, Digital Products,