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Today we’re launching our most ambitious project to date: A real-time collaboration layer for Adobe Premiere Pro.

It’s much more than an integration, it’s the entire application, redesigned and reengineered for Adobe’s panel architecture.

This product is based on decades of real world experience sitting in the editor’s chair. It’s the most direct and communicative workflow for collaboration between team members and clients. The panel has been in development for 8 months, and it’s the biggest product update we’ve made since launching in April of 2015. Our mission at is to radically transform the way video gets made and build real tools that solve real problems media professionals like you face everyday. Our integration with Adobe Premiere Pro marks the beginning of what we think will be truly transformative workflows.

If you’re an editor, this means you never have to switch context when you need to send media, receive media, or communicate about your edit. manages the render, upload, version control, and email notifications. It gives this incredible shared media pool experience that multiple editors can connect to and exchange media. We have thoughtful features like the ability to discard rendered media once it’s been uploaded. This saves precious space on your local hard drive and frees up the management of all these temporary files that don’t need to be permanently saved. The real killer feature is we support real-time commenting, synced to your timeline. As soon as media is uploaded, everyone on the team gets notified and can immediately start leaving comments. But those people don’t need Premiere or even need to to know it exists. They can use our simple web application or mobile experience, with zero knowledge of Premiere. And here’s the best part: those comments are synced to your timeline, which means you can immediately take action, right where the commenters’ notes are, with none of the typical confusion of email-based timecode notes. When you think about all the steps and layers required to export media and start receiving clear and actionable feedback, you realize how powerful this can be to your workflow. None of us dreamed of being an editor so we can manage the minutia of exporting, encoding, uploading, and collating confusing feedback.

If you’re someone who edits all day, everyday, this gives you 15 hours of your life back every week. More importantly, it opens up new possibilities to work remotely while actually keeping the creative process alive.

Having owned an award-winning post-production company for close to 10 years, I’m convinced a tight creative feedback loop is the key to producing great work. When you don’t have the ability to iterate quickly, change your mind, try new things, and get the opinions of all the stakeholders, artists, and collaborators who are part of the filmmaking process, your project can slump. That’s what motivated us to build for Adobe Premiere Pro—and this is only the beginning.

Highlight features:

• A shared cloud bin that multiple editors can work from.
• One click import and export of sequences, project files, and entire bins.
• Real-time comments directly in your Premiere timeline with no marker syncing.
• Auto versioning for rapid iteration on creative ideas.
• Comment marker syncing for when you don’t have an internet connection.
• Synced playback in and your Premiere timeline.

Official Press Release

April 11th, 2016., an industry-leading video review and collaboration platform, today announced availability of a free extension for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC that brings real-time collaboration into Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

With this integration, artists and editors can:

* Share a cloud bin / source media.
* Quickly and easily upload an Adobe Premiere Pro CC timeline, project, or an entire bin.
* Receive real-time comments from collaborators, synced to the timeline.
* Bi-directional syncing of markers-to-comments and comments-to-markers.
* Iterate quickly on creative ideas with one-click auto-versioning.

“As professional editors ourselves, we designed the panel with very real insight. These are the tools we’ve dreamed of having access to so we can spend less time managing our edits and more time being creative,” says CEO, Emery Wells. “With for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, we’re laying the foundation for truly transformative workflows. It’s the next generation of collaboration for professional editors and we’re only just getting started.”

“Adobe video tools offer a robust platform for modern, connected workflows and are shaking up the industry – from Hollywood to YouTube,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations, Adobe Pro Video. “The panel is a beautiful and smart way to bring collaboration into your Adobe Creative Cloud workflows.”

Available worldwide today, the extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC can be downloaded now at:

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