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From the beginning, we designed to be dead simple, but there are several power features that you may not be aware of to dramatically improve your workflow. 

That’s exactly why we teamed up with to cover everything, from the basics to the advanced.’s ease-of-use belies sophisticated setup, workflow and output features, but now there’s an alternative to learning by doing and discovering features as you work. You can dramatically accelerate your skills in 1 hour and fifty-six minutes (including both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X integration) with Video Collaboration and Review on


A lecture isn’t necessary to begin using—after all we’re no Pied Piper. The course is hosted by Ashley Kennedy, a regular presenter with a couple dozen prior Lynda courses on the site, and her main purpose is to reveal how to get the most out of workflow and features. Okay, we’re biased, but her winsome presentation style takes the pain out of learning details such as keyboard shortcuts and viewer permissions, presenting it as simple & fun.

Sample the course, no account necessary

We’ve joined with to make the first 35 minutes of training viewable without a subscription. You will need an actual account to download the example files, but you can even choose to use your own editorial content with these examples. You don’t even need a paid account to get started and follow along. It’s all available free of charge, so tell your friends.

If you watch only one lesson, look at the one entitled Starting a project. In 15 minutes, you’ll learn how to set up a unique project with your headshot and brand, all about uploading files, and the fundamental ways you can work with them once they’re there: navigation via shortcuts, Quick View, rating, and sorting, including single click-and-drag folder creation.

Collaboration diagrammed without (left) and with Which do you prefer? Credit: Ashley Kennedy
Ashley diagrams collaboration without (left) and with Which looks more appealing?
Credit: Ashley Kennedy/LinkedIn

You’re also introduced to sharing options and how to determine who views what. If this is important to you, you can also view (for free) the following movie Setting up your team. Here you get an understanding of team members and collaborators, how they relate to the plan you’re using, and how to handle sensitive material.

Go beyond ease-of-use

I personally learned some great tips from this course; it focuses on workflow, like my own courses. Keyboard shortcuts make using any application feel graceful and fast, and they’re included. There is in-depth coverage of features to use daily, like notes and annotation methods, as well as specialized features like how to download comments (a common request). There are big topics like controlling presentation and access to a client or third-party, but also minute details like using a brand color and logo on the presentation page. You’ll gain extensive knowledge of privacy controls, as well as how to use a Version Stack for direct A/B comparison. Finally, there are the features and UI specific to Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. Our iPhone app was released after this course, and is not included.

Taking advantage of versioning
Did you know that when you A/B different versions of an edit (here, for color grading) you can also switch audio from A to B on the fly? All include searchable transcripts for times when you need something specific.

Reviewers like to say how easy it is to work with; the word has shown up in write-ups from PremiumBeat, NoFilmSchool, and VideoMaker, three times in the AppAdvice review and a whopping nine times in this review from Suggestion of Motion. We certainly don’t mind; after all, useful tools don’t have to be unsophisticated to be easy-to-use.

The entire first five lessons of Video Collaboration and Review on can be viewed free, right now, no log-in required. The full two hour course requires a subscription—click here for a free 10-day trial that allows you to view the full course, along with thousands of other courses, including those by the author of this post.

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