Introducing 2

Just 2 years ago, we launched, a radically reimagined way to collaborate on video. The past 2 years has been an incredible ride. In that time we’ve launched hundreds of new features, an Apple Design Award Winning iPhone App, and deep integrations with your desktop creative tools like Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. All of that pales in comparison to the massive update we’re launching today and we’re calling it 2, our biggest update yet with over 100 new features and improvements.

We listened carefully to your input and ideas (all 275,000 of you) and we’re proud to be delivering your most requested features.


Update: We’re on the first page of Product Hunt! Upvote below! 2 Overview 2 Review Pages


Detailed Release Notes


  • Projects dashboard has been redesigned for speed and simplicity
  • New breadcrumb bar makes it easier to navigate your folder structure
  • New search bar to quickly find projects in the sidebar
  • Collaborators now show up at the top of the page
  • New collaborator pane simplifies the searching, inviting, and management of people to a project
  • New list view with sort by name, uploaded date, and size capability
  • “Mini scrub” enables hover scrubbing over video thumbnails in list view
  • Drag and drop files between projects without taking up more storage space
  • New join request panel allows collaborators to request team member permissions if they try to perform an action that is restricted
  • New status badges show up in the thumbnail grid so you can quickly see the status of any clip
  • New download options allow you to download proxy MP4 files with three resolution options


  • Player page has been revamped for a better media viewing and commenting experience
  • The new SMPTE compliant source timecode display supports non drop and drop frame timecode
  • New asset slider allows navigation between assets without leaving the player page
  • New comment heads on the player timeline help visualize who left a comment and where
  • New labeling feature helps manage approval workflows by communicating and keeping track of a clips status.
  • Choose between Approved, In Progress, and Needs Review for your assets.
  • After changing a label you can choose whom to notify in a new email messaging pane
  • Copy and paste comments (including replies) from one clip version to another
  • Printable PDF for comments include asset thumbnails, timecode, comments, annotations, and completion status.
  • Introduction of the FIOXML file format for downloading comments. Comments are now also exportable as CSV and XML
  • Export comments to Final Cut Pro X. Requires our free Desktop Companion App to parse the comments and import into FCP X.
  • Export comments to Avid Media Composer
  • New loop feature helps you repeat playback of an entire clip
  • Instantly publish to Vimeo (that’s faster than publishing on with full privacy controls
  • Added metadata to info panel: Upload date/time, filename, and uploader


  • New Review Pages to collect feedback and approvals from external clients (no login required)
  • Review Pages are highly configurable: set passwords, expirations, download permissions, and approval permissions, as well as a custom name to identify each link
  • New Review Page management to add or remove media from an existing link or update it’s permissions.
  • Added expiration option to Presentation Pages

Accounts Page

  • Redesigned account dashboard provides a summary of storage used, number of team members and collaborators, total project count, total file count, and total duration logged in
  • New Users page makes it easy to manage team members: inviting users to your team, deleting users from your account, and changing a user between an admin or regular member role.
  • Admins can manage branding and billing.
  • Billing page now contains invoice history, the ability to upgrade plans and credit card information.
  • Easily log yourself out of other active sessions from other browsers or devices.
  • New Apps & Integrations page provides a list of all 3rd party integrations. These include NLE applications: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro X. They also include cloud integrations with Vimeo and Slack.


  • Support for creating and managing new Review Pages


  • Wesley L. Riojas

    This is epic!

    • EmeryWells

      Thanks Wesley!

  • Jonathon Corbiere

    lol “The most exciting new feature is downloading to Final Cut X or Avid Media Composer”, I actually laughed out loud. However, amazing update and product well done!

    • lin2log

      Gee. Let me guess. Some smug little Adobe TOOL with a bad case of inferiority complex?? (and rightly so) Yeah.

      • camelz

        How is Adobe video tools inferior to Apple’s lesser options? Sounds like you have the inferiority complex reversed, smug little Apple user?

        • emeryw

          Let’s not leave Media Composer out of this argument 🙂

    • EmeryWells

      Meant in the context of the download comment options 🙂

  • Brian Bledsoe

    Can’t wait to use this!

  • ariestav

    Awesome presentation of its user interface, and an awesome plethora of new features. Congrats on this release!

    • EmeryWells

      Thanks! I’ll let our animator know you liked it 🙂

  • Phaxity

    Looks and works great so far!

    But please, why is there still no preview support for simple .txt files?

    • EmeryWells

      I’d like previewing of text files too so note taken!

  • Pakard

    Good job! Please don’t do what Wipster did. I have been using Vimeo since they pushed aside small teams and freelancers.

    • EmeryWells

      Note taken!

  • Nicely done. Will make my client review process that much easier.

    • EmeryWells

      Glad you dig it Bill

  • lin2log

    Very VERY cool update! You’ve just DEMOLISHED Wipster (but then they already did it to themselves with their completely INSANE new pricing)! SO glad I’m not with them anymore! Finally a service with Final Cut Pro X support that deserves that description! Bravo!

    • emeryw

      Welcome to 🙂

    • Martin Jendrusch

      So true. Without the crazy WIPSTER pricing update, we would never considered to jump ship. feels way better….so cheers Wipster, made the switch easy for us! 😉

  • canelson

    OMG! Who thought about the parallax effect between the mountains in the desktop background image? I love you!

    • lin2log

      Seriously? What are you, 12??

    • EmeryWells

      Haha, thanks! We thought it was a nice subtle touch. Glad you noticed!

  • Pierre Weidemann

    Emery – v2.0 is looking really good! thanks

    • EmeryWells

      Thanks so much Pierre!

  • Are clients that are invited to a review page without a login considered collaborators?

    • EmeryWells

      They are not. Collaborates are people you invite to a project 🙂

      • Awesome. That was our one hangup from using Frame before. Thanks!

  • Karl Krummenacher

    Incredible updates! Well done! (extremely well done video too – you must have used 😉
    Love the VO talent.

    • EmeryWells

      Michelle’s voice is our secret weapon. I’ll let her know you like it 🙂

      • Karl Krummenacher

        Is Michelle part of Frame IO, or voice talent? Would love to hire her… have a project she’s a perfect fit for.

  • pixelimage

    Bye bye Wipster.

  • Michel Jaumin

    Does it support 4k

    • EmeryWells

      Hey Michel, you can upload 4K. We preview in 1080 on web and mobile but the original 4K file is always available for download.

  • Promising. The new updates are a lot about the asset management. I would expect getting the similar perks for the creative side of the equation: editors, directors, animators, audio engineers, mixers, etc. It definitely speaks to the marketing people where are the big bucks.

  • Such a good update, love not making collaborators have accounts and personal notes for context. I’m glad I stuck with Frame.

  • Damien A.

    Will there be Premiere integration in a future update?

  • Looks great. Would love to have the current demo project deleted, too. I’ve had several clients lately get confused when I invite them to become a collaborator on a project and when they get the invite link it takes them to a dummy project with the clips of fashion models instead of my project page

    • emeryw

      If they never had an account of their own, they would not see that demo project. It depends on how they joined. If they joined via an exclusive invite from you they should only see what you shared with them. But I see where you are coming from so we’ll look into this.

  • ghsnyc

    sweet… but missing Davinci Resolve Integration and maybe Nuke and Fusion in the near future.

    • emeryw

      We’d love to support those at some point in the future.

  • Peter M Lamont

    Looks fantastic Emery; closing the divide between desktop and browser apps. Love to see other play-out platforms supported through API such as Wistia and track imports for Resolve. Is there a Plugin opportunity down the track for developers?

  • You know that you became a fan of something when you be happy with the success and the improvement of this. Congrats!

  • Would also love to default the playback resolution. Knowing that my clients are probably watching my edits in 540p is a dagger to the heart 😭😭😭😭

    • emeryw

      Totally understand. We have some new streaming tech in the works that should solve this.

  • Mike Pindara

    The external client comments is what made all uncertainty disappear. That feature combined with Integration for Adobe products makes it unparalleled as a review tool.

    The only feature I’d hope for next is the ability to send that review page to a client, and not have them see comments from any other collaborators. Keeps our team and producer discussion behind the scenes, but would allow the same connected workflow for the client. A little secrecy goes a long way in that department sometimes.

  • Great updates and great video walkthrough. Thanks for everything. Are you still working on 360 video support?

  • camelz

    ugh 2.0 and still mac/iOS centric. No Android support? No support for Nuke? Feels like Shotgun and Ftrack are still a better solution.

    • emeryw

      Thanks for the feedback. I can see how you’d think we’re Mac/iOS leaning but the core app is web based and works cross platform. Our Premiere and AE integrations are also cross platform. The only Mac specific stuff is our FCP X App (obviously) and iOS. You’ll see us continue to expand.

  • gmoney

    When will the Premiere Extension receive these updates? So many amazing new tools to utilize, so stoked with this update!

    • emeryw

      Will take us some time but we have some sweet stuff coming for Premiere as well.

  • Leon

    How to apply labels such as Approved in the iOS app?

    • EmeryWells

      Labels will be available in iOS in our next update. We already have them working in beta so shouldn’t be long.

      • Leon

        Excellent! Thank you.

  • Jason Duncan

    Give us an API!

    • EmeryWells

      We’re working on it!

  • Emilia Metzel

    Hi. In the past version there was always information (I think at the top of the folder page) about WHEN somethig was uploaded (e.g. 15 hours ago). I can’t find it anymore. I’d appreciate a hint.

    • EmeryWells

      It used to say that at the top of the player page. It’s not in the “file information” drawer which you can open from the player page.

  • Looks amazing! Can’t wait to test it all out.

  • casey487

    Great! But still can’t tag people in comments. Love the “needs review” and status options tho!

  • AB

    Trying the FCPX XML download now. Took a bit to figure out I have to double click the file to bounce it from the Frame app to FCPX (was trying to import it directly in FCPX). Also, while the markers did show up for an overlay, there are no comments in the markers. The person who made the comments name is listed, but none of the comments. Any thoughts?

    • AB

      @EmeryWells:disqus any idea about this as being a bug, or am I missing something in the workflow to get the comments into FCPX? Thanks! 🙂

    • Thomas Szabo

      Could you please share the fioxml file with (mentioning me)? I will pick it up and test it on my side.

    • Thomas Szabo

      Please note that the comments should be overlayed on the video. Markers on the compound clip just show the commenters because there could be more than one comment on a single frame. Try this: Select the compound clip and choose “Clip > Break Apart Clip Items” from the menu.

  • Leon

    It’s difficult to see which clip has new comments unless you click in. This is cumbersome when you are working on many clips at the same time. Is it possible to put an indicator on the thumbnails?

    • David

      Hey Leon, thanks for the suggestion! I am sending it to our product team now. In the meantime, it’s always possible to quickly find the clips that have new comments by clicking on the notification drop-down in the upper-right corner.

  • Leon

    How to change the default from 540p to 720p? It’s a pain to change it manually each time. Thank you!

    • David

      Hey Leon, yeah, it’s a pain – we’re working on making the defaults customizable. Sorry for the annoyance!

  • Jota

    Looking forward to working with Frame 2. Please tell me that with all the updates your doing your adding tracking features like who has viewed the review link, how many times and when? This would be extremely helpful!

  • coop1

    I really don’t like that if I just send this ti a client to review footage….THEY DO NOT WANT TO JOIN or give their email address. It’s my client….They just want to look at footage and comment…THAT”S IT! You make them open a FREE account.THATS BAD!!!!! That’s a real Pain…..