Announcing Version 1.4 for iOS!

Announcing Version 1.4 for iOS!

Today, I am excited to announce Version 1.4 for iOS! This latest update brings new speed and simplicity to video collaboration on mobile.

Our award-winning app now supports the status management system introduced in 2 on web. Interacting with on mobile is now faster than ever with universal links and a new asset slider to effortlessly create and manage review pages.


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Check out all the updates below:


New color-coded labels communicate the status of a clip to keep everyone in sync. Let your teammates know when an asset is Approved, In Progress, or Needs Review.


Effortlessly create and manage review pages on your iPhone. Utilize the new asset slider to scroll through media and select assets without leaving the player.

UNIVERSAL LINKS links now open in the iOS app without navigating first through Safari, speeding up your review and approval process.

Written by Emery Wells

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