The All New Is Coming…

Today we’re excited to share a preview of the all new – coming Summer 2018. It’s our biggest and most important update, ever. We went back to the drawing board for this one and rewrote the application from the ground up with a focus on speed and security. Over 1 year in the making, this monumental update delivers all of your most requested features, and sets a new foundation for everything new to come.


Uploading & Organization

A new advanced media browser lets you fly through thousands of assets at lightning speed. Updated sorting options make it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for. We also took search to a whole new level. In addition to searching for individual projects, you can now search filenames, approval status, and uploader across hundreds of projects, instantly.

The web’s fastest accelerated uploader just got faster – with enhanced support for gigabit speeds, and we now keep your folder structure fully intact. The uploader remains the fastest available on the Internet with speeds up to 5X faster than Dropbox. Perhaps more noteworthy, the uploader is as fast or faster than every accelerated file transfer tool available.

The new upload panel let’s you keep track of your upload activity, even when you navigate away from a project.

New Asset Support

The media viewer is no longer just for video. Filmmaking has always been a composite of all the creative arts. Photography, writing, illustration, music, and design. So, in 2018 we’re expanding the collaboration toolset to fully support all types of creative media.

View multi-page PDFs – whether it be scripts, storyboards, or concept art – complete with annotation markup.

The new image viewer supports hig-res images including over 100 RAW image formats. Pan, zoom, loupe (to quickly spot check at 100% resolution), annotate, and compare images side-by-side.

The brand new audio page gives your music and audio content a gorgeous canvas with displays for waveforms, audio meters, and optional album artwork.

We rebuilt our core video playback engine to give you faster and smoother playback with less buffering, at up to 4K resolution. The updated player supports 360 VR content with spacial annotations so you can highlight a specific target within the frame.

Commenting & Collaboration

Presence brings a whole new dimension to your collaboration. Presence let’s you see who’s watching and commenting, in realtime. Clip statistics show you play count, historical views, and even lets you set up a notification when a specific person or group of people start viewing.

Advanced commenting brings @mentioning and range-based comments with precision scrubbing. Range-based comments expand the range (no pun intended) of comments that can be expressed when communicating around moving video.

This is just a taste of over 150 new features and improvements coming to the all new this summer. Sign up now to be the first to get access.

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  • Robert Shami

    Very promising, hope to see Davinci being supported 😉

    • emeryw

      We have plenty of love for Resolve. Stay tuned.

      • Dan Myricks

        Wow that’s great I cant wait I have a Big Film project coming up and this will be great Just one thing will security be good and complaint for NDNC for films ?

  • ThunderAndRain

    Can’t wait!

  • Daniel Boist

    looks great…hopefuly DaVinci Resolve is in the works, too!!

  • Kyle Gesuelli

    Incredible! That part where you showed off 360 video…😱

  • Martin Jendrusch

    Great News! Please let me delete versions without unversioning first!

    • J Dor

      good idea

    • emeryw

      Yep, that’s in here with the updated version control.

  • Barney Schmidt

    AVID integration?

    • emeryw

      Not in this release but stay tuned 🙂

  • Thomas

    This looks awesome! Cant wait to see it. Fingers crossed for mobile download and google drive integration. Ability to export/download an entire folder (including sub folders) would be nice as well.

  • Greg Ausina

    subtitles would be great!

  • I’m really hoping that more integration with DaVinci Resolve happens with these updates. I’ve left Premiere Pro and now edit in Resolve. So, Resolve is my one place to edit, mix, and grade my projects.

    • emeryw

      Hear you on that Tim. We like to be equal opportunity when it comes to NLE’s and our FCP X integration will definitely continue to evolve.

  • This looks awesome! Really hoping to see an updated FCPX app with versioning support 🙂

  • Sedrick

    I can’t wait to see this coming !!! range selection, pictures, content inserts…. you rock guys !!!!

  • Steve Beal

    The best feature that I really miss from FrameIO’s competition is the ability to see when a video link is clicked by a client. Any shot of that becoming a reality here? I haven’t had a chance to read the entire release. Fingers crossed!

    • emeryw

      That’s in here! We’re going to show you who’s viewed and video and when.

      • Steve Beal

        That’s game changing! THANK U!

  • David Perault

    Thank you for adding the comment length attachment. This has been one of the biggest setbacks figuring out exactly where a client is talking about. Sometimes they just hit in the general area and say “here” without any real guidance.

  • Nathanaël Havez


  • Matt Fukuda

    Will there be any updates to the iOS app as well?

  • Martin Mihajlov

    Can’t wait. Any news about ability to download multiple files (pic or videos)?

  • Looking forward to having students who aspire to careers in Digital Media begin using to begin their journey! Our mission is to help students become “ready for what’s next” and this tool has come along at just the right time.

  • LookDontTouch

    Super excited for this! Hi @emeryw random question… what’s the song on the video? I like it!

  • moonwatcher1

    Can we please get a more robust set of drawing/painting tools? Or some way of layering Photoshop layers over a shot in the timeline to demo/preview potential matte paintings/digital corrections? Would be HUGELY useful!

  • Jeff Handy

    Excellent looking update! Does this include the API you said would be done when you announced Enterprise?

  • rsquires

    I have Vimeo Plus at the moment and would like to shift to Frame io. However I need something that I could use for Showreels, Tutorials etc that don’t require collaboration and that can be embedded in my social media. Is this possible with Frame io as it seems more like a collaboration tool.

  • Eric Yealland

    Really great looking.
    I hope you eventually support making demo reels for presentations. I think you guys could take on Simian and Wiredrive

  • IMAGINE360 Marketing

    We are happy to provide extensive feedback on the 360 video features!

  • Great!! I hope you’ll also add private comments for teams so clients don’t see them.