Introducing Watch Folders for macOS

We’ve all been there. You start to transfer a few large files at the end of the day for your client to review, leave the office for the night, and return the next morning, only to see they failed to upload. That feeling sucks, and it’s exactly why we’re so excited to introduce Watch Folders for macOSan entirely new way to move your media.


Our new menu bar app for macOS delivers accelerated, indestructible, and completely secure uploading to, right from your desktop. It’s designed specifically with video in mind and is perfect for your dailies workflow.

Render from Premiere Pro, Resolve, On Set Dailies, Assimilate Scratch, or any of your preferred tools directly into a watch folder. We’ll maintain your folder structure and automatically sync your files to a designated folder or project inside Just like with our web app, your stakeholders get notified there’s new media up for review and can provide timecoded feedback right from their browser or iPhone.

The menu bar app is a master of resiliency. Rip out your hard drive, disconnect from the Internet, or restart your computer – when your connection is back, your upload to will automatically resume.

Whether you’re on a flight, at a coffee shop, or on location, the app gives you peace of mind that your media is secure and will make it to your client on time. And with accelerated uploading up to 2X faster than Signiant and 5X faster than Vimeo, you can take on the toughest deadlines with confidence.

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  • Nathan Chung

    Any plans on this coming to Windows?

    • Tom Milburn

      Hey! I’m Tom, a Support Specialist at!

      A Windows version isn’t currently on our roadmap but we hear your requests and will pass it along to the team. Stay tuned for other cool updates to the software that can be enjoyed by all very soon!

      • Nathan Chung

        Why isn’t it? I think a recent giveaway had involved an amazing work station. I feel like you guys are missing out on a huge audience!

        • Camille

          I agree. I work for a french post-production company. We are forced (and not really happy about it) to switch from Apple to Windows machine due to the lack of real professional, suited for video and FX, hardware in the Apple products line.
          We still have some old MacPros and even a 2013 one, but I have the feeling that these will be the last Apple products we ever buy.
          As I feel we are not the only professionals to think that way, it’s strange that doesn’t seems to consider Windows more.

      • +1 for windows. My company is in the process of switching all of our editorial to windows.

        • emeryw

          We’d like it to be on the roadmap it’s just not currently. We think about it and talk about it internally all the time. We’d obviously love to be more cross platform, we just happen to have made an investment in a codebase that is not so just some technical bits to work out on our end.

        • I get it. You guys are using swift which is very pythony and quick development-wise but I work for a rather large company that is switching all our post back to pc and I personally have gone back to pc as well. I love Macs but they just dropped the ball a bit lately. You guys need to think more cross platform especially if you’re moving into document review and editing , which is more business centric workflows.

          2 cents, I’ll still keep promoting you though. 🙂

  • Phil Misk

    Awesome – love the speed you guys are shipping at these days. Keep it up!

  • Caleb Cameron

    Sweet video- look forward to testing this out in our workflow.

  • Dan @ LiveWire Films

    This is awesome! Can a collaborator on an account use watch folders?

  • Jeffrey Martin

    I haven’t used it yet, but I have to say, you guys did a freaking awesome job with the video. DAYMM !

  • Mat Green


    • Tom Milburn

      Hi! I’m Tom, a Support Specialist at! A Windows version isn’t currently on our roadmap but we hear your requests and will pass it along to the team. Stay tuned for other cool updates to the software that can be enjoyed by all very soon!

      • Mat Green

        That’s a shame as I recently had a major issue with uploads freezing half way through uploading 27 timelines for a client and was left with an embarrassing situation where i left it uploading. The 5th issue I have had with since I started using it 2 months ago. Need something I can rely on as the tools I use reflect on me as a professional…

        • Elliott Klein

          I noticed is very Apple focused, I asked about an android app and they said pretty much the same thing that its not on their roadmap.

  • Jermaine Brandon III

    Awesome video!!! This is EXACTLY what I didn’t know I needed. Thank you for pushing the envelope even further! forever a fan.

  • Benjamingib

    System requirements?

    • Tom Milburn

      Hi! I’m Tom, a Support Specialist at!

      The only requirement for Watch Folders is macOS 10.12 or later.

  • Jamie Billett

    FWIW, anyone using Avid ISIS is stuck on El Cap 10.11. Avid will not be updating ISIS to work with 10.12 or beyond. I’m sure there are reasons you had to start with 10.12, but it’s a shame ISIS people can’t use it.

    • Ashley

      I edit off of ISIS and am on 10.12. I have been able to connect and work off of ISIS on 10.13 as well.

      • Jamie Billett

        I believe you, but it’s not supported up through MC 8.9. Are you on 8.10? (Meaning the combination of MC 8.9, 10.12 and ISIS. I know 10.12 and .13 are supported with MC alone.

        • Ashley

          I am on 8.12 on a 10.12 Mac system. The version of MC also wouldn’t prevent the ISIS from mounting or not mounting on a system, to my knowledge. The reason why the ISIS may not always work on Sierra and beyond is you need to open permissions on the start-up disk for it to work, IIRC.

  • Ashley

    Wish this worked with older versions of MacOS and Windows, since I need this feature mostly for field media managers that are not always running Sierra or Apple. It looks great, otherwise.

  • Ashley

    Did some tests on watch folders today. Created a test project and a test folder. Uploaded about three different folders, about 1 GB in size each, from a project on our ISIS and all was well. Did some loose files, all good as well. I then moved a folder into the watch folder and allowed it to completely transfer, at which point I shut down the computer. Checking Frame on my phone, I could see that it had a folder that was holding the now lost files that had been in mid-transfer. Cool. Restarted the computer, reconnected to the ISIS. Frame couldn’t find the watch folder anymore, so I went and manually relinked it, at which point it automatically started to sync the watch folder again….completely…from scratch…including the 3 GB of footage that were already uploaded. So I ended up with a loose folder of the abandoned upload, it never picked that back up, and duplicates of everything else I had already uploaded. Doesn’t seem like this is quite ready for my company’s workflow yet.

    • Niesje Dowell

      Hi! I’m Niesje, a Swift Engineer at!

      My team and I want this app to fit your workflow needs as much as possible.

      We released a follow up version 2.0.1 last night which included some relinking work. I’d really appreciate your feedback if you get a chance to try our new version with a fresh watch folder. Please, let me know if there’s anything I can help with!

      • Ashley

        It didn’t seem like I needed to update my Frame.IO application, it says I have version 2.0.1 installed, so here is what is now happening:

        Again, the watch folder sees the folder on our ISIS with no problem. I shut the computer down mid-upload. Restarted the computer, remounted the ISIS, Reopened Frame. It found the watch folder right away and resumed the upload. So then I disconnected the ISIS partition. It stopped the upload, which made sense, so I then reconnected to the ISIS partition. It did not automatically relink, so I manually did so and then the same thing happened as before: Duplicates of everything in the folder.

        So it seems like the problem is on a manual relink and also it may not be able to automatically find folders on shared storage.

  • Ivan Cirlig

    missing windows feature you missing out on a huge audience!

  • Andy

    Aspera or Signiat are most of the time achieving line speed, so not sure how Frame.IO can be 5X or 3X faster?
    Maybe FRAME.IO is more tweaked for poor WI-FI connections, but with Aspera/Signiant many companies move 10s of Terabytes data per day (not just few GBytes).
    What tests did FRAME.IO performed to make such a claims?
    No- I’m not connected to Aspera or Signiant (but do use them)- just asking simple question based on my experience.

  • Andy

    Pleas guys answer my questions instead of deleting my posts.

  • Павел Рыскин

    Крутая фича!

  • StartupMotion

    C’mon guys! stop making this beautiful platform around apple environment, I use Android and windows for god sake, and I still waiting for better integration for my workflow. Here is a choking fact, no all creative person use apple!… Sorry to be so pissed about it, but I just realize that the next update of that not coming with an android app, something that I been waiting for a year

  • Michael Hoefler

    Windows version would be very nice. We are switching from Mac to Windows and I know some doing the same and a lot are thinking about it.