Introducing Watch Folders for macOS

Introducing Watch Folders for macOS

We’ve all been there. You start to transfer a few large files at the end of the day for your client to review, leave the office for the night, and return the next morning, only to see they failed to upload. That feeling sucks, and it’s exactly why we’re so excited to introduce Watch Folders for macOSan entirely new way to move your media.


Our new menu bar app for macOS delivers accelerated, indestructible, and completely secure uploading to, right from your desktop. It’s designed specifically with video in mind and is perfect for your dailies workflow.

Render from Premiere Pro, Resolve, On Set Dailies, Assimilate Scratch, or any of your preferred tools directly into a watch folder. We’ll maintain your folder structure and automatically sync your files to a designated folder or project inside Just like with our web app, your stakeholders get notified there’s new media up for review and can provide timecoded feedback right from their browser or iPhone.

The menu bar app is a master of resiliency. Rip out your hard drive, disconnect from the Internet, or restart your computer – when your connection is back, your upload to will automatically resume.

Whether you’re on a flight, at a coffee shop, or on location, the app gives you peace of mind that your media is secure and will make it to your client on time. And with accelerated uploading up to 2X faster than Signiant and 5X faster than Vimeo, you can take on the toughest deadlines with confidence.

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Written by Emery Wells

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