Introducing Image Review

Introducing Image Review

Update: July 31st

Image Review for iPhone App Image Review is now available on our Apple Design Award Winning iOS App. Zoom, pan, and annotate on high resolution images from your phone.

The iOS app now loads ultra high resolution previews, up to 8K resolution. Clicking a comment linked to an annotation will zoom into that comments area of focus which makes for a really incredible review experience on mobile.


Download the update from the App Store


Original Announcement: May 30th

Video is a composite of all the creative arts, and working with images is an essential part of the video creation process. We use images for location scouts, castings, photo shoots, illustration, and design. Today, we’re launching all new image review tools which will enable you to work with a wider range of creative assets and centralize more of your production and post-production workflows in


This update includes dozens of new features to help you collaborate more seamlessly on all types of image and graphical assets.

The new image viewer supports high-res images including over 100 RAW image formats. We now render up to 8K resolution previews. A new addition in this update is the ability to preview graphical assets as PNG’s so they stay crisp and sharp. We handle alpha channels correctly, so you can see transparency, as well.

Along with support for high-res images, the new image viewer gives you a sleek way to pan, zoom, loupe (to quickly spot check at 100% resolution), and annotate stills. Working with a large image? View it in fullscreen mode for a distraction-free experience or use the new image map to find your current area of focus.

To top it off, the asset slider now remains open so thumbnails stay visible. Whether you’re reviewing just a handful of images or hundreds of files, you can tap the left or right arrow keys to quickly navigate between assets.

Finally, for all our power users out there, we introduced new keyboard shortcuts to help you move faster and more efficiently.

  • SHIFT: Image loupe
  • SHIFT + CLICK: Zooms to 100%
  • +/-: Zooms in/out
  • Z + DRAG: Marquee Zoom
  • OPTION + SWIPE LEFT/RIGHT: Zooms in/out
  • SPACE + DRAG: Pan
  • SCROLL WHEEL: Zoom in/out
  • CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW: Navigate to previous/next asset
  • LEFT/RIGHT ARROW: Navigate to previous/next asset (when asset slider is open)
  • UP/DOWN ARROW: Open/close the asset slider
  • F: Enter/exit full screen mode for images
  • ESC: Exit full screen

The new image review tool in now makes collaborating with stills as powerful as video. Sign in to your account today and try it out. Not a user? Then what are you waiting for? Try it out for free and begin collaborating on video and images like a boss.”

Written by Emery Wells

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