Introducing in Final Cut Pro X

Today we’re excited to announce a launch we’ve been working on for some time, a first of its kind workflow extension that brings all the power and collaboration of to Final Cut Pro X. Developed in close collaboration with Apple, the workflow extension for Final Cut Pro is the first collaborative video review toolset that can be accessed right in Final Cut Pro X.

With the new workflow extension, you’ll be able to access the core experience you’re already familiar with—including real-time client feedback, ultra-fast media transfers, and much more—in Final Cut Pro X for the first time. Here are a few updates you can expect to see:

Do more, right in Final Cut Pro X

With the new in Final Cut Pro X extension, you can upload entire projects or individual clips to, and even select or deselect which clips you’d like to export. will automatically version-stack edits for you, and give you the option to share a review link with your clients to help streamline approvals.


Precise feedback where you’re working.

See comments flow into in real time. When you’re ready to incorporate feedback, you can sync the and Final Cut Pro X playheads to easily jump between comments in a project. If you’d like frame-accurate comments and annotations overlaid directly on a project, you can simply drag and drop all comments as a Compound Clip into Final Cut Pro X. Reviewers appear as Roles in Final Cut Pro X so you can zero in on which comments to review first.


Know where your client’s head’s at.

For the first time, also gives you the option to see where a client is weighing-in with feedback as it’s happening. Know the instant your client is reviewing your work–and even when they’re typing–so you can take action on feedback while it’s still fresh. This new feature is exclusively available in in Final Cut Pro X.


Batch uploads in an instant.

The new workflow extension benefits from the same ultra-fast and secure media transfers you expect from Upload all your source media, dailies, and work-in-progress edits right from Final Cut Pro X to private cloud workspaces at multi-gigabit speeds, where you can collaborate with teams, clients, and vendors in the same place.


That’s not all.

Take hold of an entirely new way to work with your team right in Final Cut Pro X. Check out this short tutorial to learn more:

Download the in Final Cut Pro X workflow extension from the Mac App Store now. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Emery Wells

Emery Wells is the Co-Founder & VP, Digital Products,