The Ultimate Post-Production Workflow Guide is Here

Last week we teased the coming of the most comprehensive post-production workflow guide on the planet. Well, today we’re excited to announce that it’s live now! Workflow has over 100,000 words on everything you need to know from capture to delivery, written by leaders in the industry.

The word “ultimate” gets thrown around a lot to describe resources and blog posts on the web. Well, we at don’t take that word lightly. We want to make sure anything we put that label on earns it!

Earning It

There are many amazing resources for post-production information scattered across the web. But these resources are all spread out, hard to find, incomplete, and none of them gives you a complete overview of the entire process.

That has all changed.

For the past several months, we have partnered with some of the most talented and experienced filmmakers on the planet to create a resource for post-production professionals that truly earns the title “The Ultimate Post-Production Workflow Guide.”

Our goal is to create the most comprehensive workflow resource on the web and offer it to filmmakers for free. One place to find all the most important workflow information without the fluff, integrated into a single narrative, with case studies to provide real-world examples.

The Insider has already earned a reputation for our long, in-depth articles which provide practical and tactical takeaways on everything from color correction to workflow procedures to editing, and even business.

But what we have in store with the Workflow Guide is unlike anything we’ve ever done (or seen on the web). With over 100 topics in the works and dozens of contributors from every aspect of the business, it will cover everything from camera capture to digital distribution and everything in between. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to design an efficient and effective process that gets everyone on the same page.

Head over to and unlock your workflow superpowers now!

David Kong

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