Introducing for MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker

At, we believe anyone can be an artist. That’s why we’re excited to announce our most ambitious project to date, in partnership with one of the largest tech companies on the planet; something we know will be a game-changer.

Today, we are proud to introduce our newest integration: for Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker.

Growing up sucks

For many of us here at, our early artistic expression began in MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker. Whether it was doodling pictures at school or editing home movies to share with friends, these programs opened up the world of creativity to all of us.

But there was a problem. Getting feedback on YahooMail and AOL Instant Messenger was just too slow and too confusing to be practical. As children, we could only dream of a better solution.

But now that we’re grown-ups, we have the power to make that dream a reality. We’ve been working in close collaboration with Microsoft to build this first-of-its-kind integration, that couples the collaborative workflow of with the power, precision, and simplicity of MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker.

Our engineering and development teams have invested more than 2 weeks of semi-dedicated work to make this vision technologically possible.

As creative professionals, you have to use a lot of complicated tools, and sometimes you probably wish life could be easier and you could go back to these nostalgic hold-outs. But, you undoubtedly love working with, so you are in a quandary. Not anymore. for MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker marks the first time these cutting-edge applications will be opened up to professional creative teams. Just like with our other award-winning integrations for FCP X, Avid Media Composer, and Adobe CC Premiere Pro and After Effects, these new integrations allow you to get real-time feedback on all your creative projects from directly inside Paint and Movie Maker. And of course, we make it easy to share your projects with collaborators and clients, no exports or round-tripping required.

Integration highlights

Here are just a few of the awesome features you can expect:

  • Instantaneous syncing of comments and annotations, even on dial-up connections
  • Integration of your favorite MS Paint tools, like the spray paint can and paint bucket, inside the web interface.
  • One-click export presets for RealPlayer, MySpace, and LiveJournal.
  • Lightning-fast web app support for Netscape Navigator
  • Ultra-fast transfer of .wmv and MPEG-2 media files
  • Cross-platform compatibility across all versions of Paint and Movie Maker, from Windows ME to Windows 10

These new features will enable your team to work faster, smarter, and across more devices than ever before, whether they’re running the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or still on an old version of Navigator on Windows 98. has you covered.

What’s old is new again

Our mission at is to radically transform the way video is made. Since we launched in 2015, our mission has been focused on professionals. But as of today, our mission extends to all of the billions of MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker users around the globe.

Whether you’re a kindergartener learning how to draw, a student making a mandatory video project for class, or even an engineer who just doesn’t know how to use Photoshop or Premiere Pro, this integration is for you.

We’ve brought the core of the experience right into everyone’s first and favorite creative applications. Any user can draw in MS Paint or edit video in Windows Movie Maker. Therefore anyone can be an artist. If you can think it, you can dream it.

Download the all-new integration for MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker on LimeWire today.

Once you feel you’ve mastered MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker, give our other integrations a shot.

Ben Bailey

Editor, explorer. Ben is a member of the team.