How a Universal Sensor Size Could Revolutionize the Industry


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Today is Michael Cioni, SVP of Innovation at Panavision and Lightiron. Michael is a passionate, eloquent, and engaging speaker, and in this presentation, he talks about how a universal sensor size could revolutionize the industry, and benefit filmmakers from production to post.

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Session highlights

Here are the highlights to take away from the video.

  • The issue of how big the sensor is relevant mainly because we have so many different methods of consuming video: mobile, desktop, apps, theatrical, etc.
  • Larger sensors will be the key to delivering content in any aspect ratio using extraction techniques.
  • Extraction techniques are made more complicated because of the various sensor sizes and shapes. 10% on an Alexa is not the same thing as 10% on a Venice or a DSLR.
  • When you look at all the aspect ratios around the globe (IMAX, EU Widescreen, HDTV, American WS, Digital IMAX, Anamorphic, etc.), you come to an average sensor size of 2:1. House of Cards was the first online show to use that ratio.
  • A 2:1 ratio makes all the extraction math very easy to do in your head.
  • Cinematographers, Editors, post & VFX houses, and lens manufacturers benefit the most from such a sensor.
  • Creating a 2:1 “universal” sensor can only happen if a community of filmmakers gets behind it.

The presentation deck

Below is Michael’s Keynote presentation as a video. Feel free to play online, or download.

Ron Dawson

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