A One-Person VFX Pipeline with Stu Maschwitz [NAB 2019 Video]

A One-Person VFX Pipeline with Stu Maschwitz [NAB 2019 Video]


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Red Giant Chief Creative Officer Stu Maschwitz talks about the making of a live-action short film he DP’d for Oscar-winning animation director Mark Andrews. In between funny anecdotes, Stu shows how he uses a suite of tools—like Airtable, After Effects (including expressions), Frame.io, and of course, Red Giant—to produce the VFX for the project.

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Session Highlights

Here are the highlights to take away from the video.

  • Stu successfully made the jump to Director, DP, and VFX artist with short film projects, even though he formally trained as an animator at the world renown Cal Arts.
  • The combination of After Effects, automation, Red Giant, and Frame.io empower small VFX workflows to punch far above their weight.
  • Mark Andrews got Stu to DP his short by asking him if all those images of gear Stu posts are just for looks. 🙂
  • On large projects, “procasti-tivity” (working on small automated solutions) can make a huge difference before you get started.
  • Self-effacing joke about Stu’s poor DP skills.
  • Stu loves tracking shots with Airtable, and using those shot directories to generate slates with Keyboard Maestro.
  • A few more self-effacing jokes about his DP skills and at least one (maybe two) about his height.
  • Red Giant’s “Super Comp” turns Stu’s bag of compositing tricks into a simple an intuitive plugin.

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Written by Ron Dawson

Ron is an award-winning video producer with over 25 years experience telling stories in the video medium. He's a coach, speaker, and author of “ReFocus: Cutting Edge Strategies to Evolve Your Video Business." Ron was also the host and producer of Radio Film School a podcast described as "This American Life for Filmmakers." You can follow him on Twitter @BladeRonner.

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