Made in Frame Films: Inside the Design Powerhouse BLOCK & TACKLE

Made in Frame Films: Inside the Design Powerhouse BLOCK & TACKLE

A few weeks ago we highlighted the New York-based firm, BLOCK & TACKLE, a creative studio focused on conceptual design and visual storytelling. As part of our Made in Frame written series, we went into the details of how the B&T team used for the brilliant graphics of the ESPN+ documentary film series SneakerCenter.

Their work on that series exposed us to their incredible talent, and piqued our interest to dig deeper and learn even more about the studio, how they operate, and how they got to where they are. In our effort to continually offer broader forms and ranges of education and inspiration for our readers, we sent out a small film crew to interview the B&T principals. Here’s a pilot episode of our new series, Made in Frame Films.

In this episode, we learn why broadcasters like FX and ESPN+ turn to B&T, how their creative team sets them apart, what the landscape is like for high-end agency and broadcast-level motion design and animation work, and why the aesthetics of a collaboration platform matter. Let us know what you think.

Header photography by Erik Teng. Filmmaking by Yamean Studios.

Written by Ron Dawson

Ron is an award-winning video producer with over 25 years experience telling stories in the video medium. He's a coach, speaker, and author of “ReFocus: Cutting Edge Strategies to Evolve Your Video Business." Ron was also the host and producer of Radio Film School a podcast described as "This American Life for Filmmakers." You can follow him on Twitter @BladeRonner.

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