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Introducing Three New Workflow Integrations for Better Shoots and Sound

It’s pretty fair to say that we at love a good integration. Who doesn’t? Slick integrations extend the capabilities of the platform and make it easier for you to design the workflow of your dreams.

That’s why we’re excited to announce three impressive new integrations as part of our v3.7 release: one that will give you powerful new post-production audio capabilities, and two designed to uplevel your remote game.

A lot of you have asked whether we have an integration with audio post tools for sound design and mixing. Ask no more. Audio Design Desk makes sound design simple and intuitive by letting you pull video assets directly from into

Their free library contains more than 20,000 sounds, or import your own.

The AI-assisted creative tools let you search based on the feel or mood you’re looking for, and come back with entire sound sets which you can test and create markers for. The markers stick, and because Audio Design Desk understands where sound meets image, you can easily swap out an entire soundscape, which lets you rapidly experiment with different sound treatments and options.

Collaborators can A/B different sonic approaches uploaded right from Audio Design Desk’s timeline—and then upload whole Version Stacks to to take advantage of side-by-side comparison. And, of course, you can import comments directly from your asset back into your Audio Design Desk timeline to make changes or adjustments.

Watch the video from Audio Design Desk:


Luma Touch is one of’s longtime development partners, and has spent the past 18 months carefully developing this integration with

Within the most comprehensive NLE that exists for iPhone or iPad, the integration allows you to review and respond to comments, mark in and out points in video sequences, and share ideas with distributed teams and clients anywhere in the world—all without leaving the LumaFusion timeline.

All cloud media appears in the LumaFusion library, and editors can pull down clips, edit a scene, add comments, and send it back to seamlessly.

When paired with our GNARBOX integration, it enables an end-to-end shoot/edit/review experience that’s fully mobile.


When you’re on the go or in the field, you want to travel light. GNARBOX is a rugged and compact offloading device that lets you plug in an SD card or USB-C device, backup and log assets, pick selects, and transcode. With the integration, you can batch upload assets directly from GNARBOX to

Once your assets are in, you can send them to your editor anywhere, or use the LumaFusion integration to edit from your iPhone or iPad. But if you’re in the field, the powerful combination of GNARBOX,, and LumaFusion allows you to go from camera to delivery accurately and securely—without a laptop or computer.

In our ongoing effort to help our customers get the most from, our Developer Relations team is always on the lookout for new partnerships and integrations. Reach out to us if you have suggestions, comments, or would like to discuss future possibilities!

Lisa McNamara

Lisa McNamara is's senior content writer and a frequent contributor to The Insider. She has worked in film and video post-production approximately since dinosaurs roamed the planet.