Introducing + Pomfort Silverstack Lab — Faster and Easier Dailies

If you’re a DIT, or touch the dailies production process in any way, then you’ll probably be aware of Pomfort’s Silverstack Lab.

It’s an asset management application that takes the already powerful transcoding and media management features of Silverstack and adds streamlined dailies production to the mix.

And we’re happy to announce that from version 7.3 onwards, you can add integration with to this software’s already impressive feature list.

Silverstack Lab is designed to save you time and reduce the stress of media management and dailies production for crew on a tight deadline. On the asset management side, it enables you to quickly offload, backup, organize, and process your media (and its metadata) whether you’re on set, or off.

Features like “cascading copy” (which backs up your original camera footage to the fastest media first), metadata management, and a centralized asset library help to reduce the uncertainty of data wrangling.

Plus, its built-in audio sync and look matching bring welcome automation to two very time-consuming production tasks. And on top of all this, you can burn in watermarks, timecode, crops, or frame lines to your transcodes.

Silverstack integrates with all the major NLEs (Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Media Composer, Redcine-X, and DaVinci Resolve) as well as dailies platforms like ARRI Webgate and COPRA Dailies. So you can easily build it into your editorial, storage, and cloud delivery workflows—including

To connect to Silverstack Lab, all you need to do is configure your account(s) in the Silverstack Lab application preferences (it uses the OAuth authorization framework). Once this is done, you’ll be able to select the Account, Team, Project, and destination Folder for any uploads.


After you hit the Start Upload button, the Silverstack Lab status screen will keep you up-to-date with the progress of any transfers. And once complete, it will also provide you with a detailed job report as a PDF. This includes links to each of the media files along with their location on

For a DIT, this means you can bundle each day’s footage and share it directly with your editorial team the moment that Silverstack Lab has finished syncing the audio, matching the looks, and transcoding the required media files. And because Silverstack Lab also integrates with your NLE of choice, it means that your team can start cutting sooner.

It also allows editorial to start providing feedback on the dailies using, which can then be acted upon during the next day’s shoot. Or for off-site directors and producers to start picking out their hero dailies. All while the dailies themselves are simultaneously being processed by the dailies lab.

In workflows that depend on fast, secure transfer of content from set to a dozen different endpoints, anything that saves time and makes a DIT’s life easier is welcome. And that’s exactly what Silverstack Lab and can do.

The Silverstack Lab integration with is just one of the thousands of ways you can customize and automate your workflow. Want to streamline your efficiency and make your team more creative? Check out our full list of partner integrations.

Editor’s note: Silverstack and Silverstack Lab are currently Mac-only applications.

Laurence Grayson

After a career spanning [mumble] years and roles that include creative lead, video producer, tech journalist, designer, and envelope stuffer, Laurence is now the managing editor for Insider. This has made him enormously happy, but he's British, so it's very hard to tell.