Optimize Your Video Ad Workflows With Peach and Frame.io

The purpose of advertising might not have changed that much over the last decade, but the manner in which we produce, analyze, and distribute it has become increasingly hard to keep tabs on. New formats, platforms, and channels have appeared and are evolving at a crazy pace, making the path from asset creation to delivery harder to walk every day—especially when you’re handling video advertising.

Luckily, there are services like Peach that are designed to bring calm to the chaos. 

Peach is a video advertising and campaign management platform that enables brands, agencies, and media owners to work together more effectively, and to reduce the stress of reaching a global audience spread across a complex topology of devices and formats. Its goal is to build simplicity into the creation and distribution of video advertising, or in their own words, “to get ads where they need to be in the best possible quality with less faff than ever.”

And we’re thrilled to announce that Peach has built and released an integration with Frame.io. This integration lets you quickly transfer files that have been approved in Frame.io directly to Peach for ad delivery and distribution. Not only does this save a significant amount of time and effort—helping you to meet deadlines and get more from your day—it also reduces the kind of costly mistakes that can occur when manually downloading and re-uploading approved files for ad campaigns.

By running your video ad production workflow from Frame.io through Peach, you can work with the assurance that only approved files move down the line, and that your media is only seen by the people who need to see it. More security, better quality control, on-time and on-target.

According to Elena Sanz, post-production producer at the UK arm of global creative agency, Engine, it’s a game-changer. “The whole workflow is now so much more streamlined,” she enthuses. “Files can go directly from Frame.io into Peach without having to download and reupload them between services, saving us time so that we can work faster and more securely than before.” 

Once in the system, Peach then tracks and manages your assets throughout the workflow cycle, allowing you to replace or update media when required, and ensuring that you always know who has what, and what’s gone where throughout each campaign. It will also make sure that the format is correctly matched to the intended destination—whatever it’s mobile, OTT, or broadcast.

The result is a smooth, automated workflow that takes your creativity from ideation to distribution faster and more securely than ever. As Peach CEO Ben Regensburger puts it, “This is an important move for us and another key component in fulfilling Peach’s goal—to help fix how advertising works.”

And who doesn’t want a bite of that?

The Peach integration with Frame.io is just one of the thousands of ways you can customize and automate your workflow. Want to streamline your efficiency and make your team more creative? Check out our full list of partner integrations.

Laurence Grayson

After a career spanning [mumble] years and roles that include creative lead, video producer, tech journalist, designer, and envelope stuffer, Laurence is now the managing editor for Frame.io Insider. This has made him enormously happy, but he's British, so it's very hard to tell.

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