NAB 2022: Mobile-First Cinematic Workflows with C2C for FiLMiC Pro

When we first unveiled our Camera to Cloud workflow it was to enable, in a professional setting, the kind of workflow that everybody with an iPhone has—shoot, edit, share. The ability to send high-quality image files to the cloud from RED, ARRI, Panavision, and Sony cameras to share with collaborators changed the way filmmakers across the industry worked.

But what about the creators who have already been using mobile phones to make high-quality videos for social media—or even feature films?

Today, we’re announcing our integration with FiLMiC Pro, and it’s here to help virtually anyone with a smartphone make videos faster and more easily.

Power in your palm

The biggest pain point for mobile phone creators who are doing more than sharing a short clip or series of stills has always been the process of getting your footage off of your phone and to your editor. But the new integration with FiLMiC Pro eliminates that step.

FiLMiC Pro is the most advanced 4K video recorder for mobile phones, and this integration now sends your image files directly to in the cloud. And with’s native integrations in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve, they can go directly into your NLE of choice so your editor can start working immediately.

The latest release of FiLMiC Pro can generate lightweight 1080p H.264 video files and auto-upload to On the iPhone 13 Pro, FiLMiC Pro will create these lightweight proxies from the high-quality ProRes source files.

The H.264 proxy files are small enough to upload from anywhere with LTE or internet access, which allows remote editors to start putting selects together even as you’re still shooting. Once you’re done with your shoot, you only need to relink to your original camera files (up to 4K) in your FiLMiC Pro library. Or, you can use the 1080p HQ files generated from FiLMiC Pro as your hero files, eliminating the need to reconnect to the originals.

Best of all, everything you need is all right there in It really is just that easy.

From home movies to Hollywood

Whether you’re capturing your surfing trip in Hawaii or making a Hollywood-bound movie, you can now share anything shot on your phone using FiLMiC Pro and instantly, with anyone in the world. And, you can do it even faster and more easily while getting the highest quality outcome.

As always, the mission is to help people tell their stories, their way. We hope you’ll tell us more about how you’re using this new integration to power your creative process!

Michael Cioni

Michael is the Senior Director of Global Innovation, Adobe.

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