NAB 2022: New Enterprise Features and Apple TV Support

NAB 2022: New Enterprise Features and Apple TV Support

Two of the key pillars on which we’ve built since day one are security and quality. We take both very seriously, because we know how important they are to our customers.

The truth is, there can never be too much of either. Especially for our Enterprise customers, which is why the two features we’re announcing today are especially important to them: Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), along with our new app for Apple TV 4K.

The new app for Apple TV 4K
Get comfy with the new app for Apple TV 4K


From movie studios making blockbuster films to brands protecting their latest inventions and designs, ensuring that only the right people can access their pre-release, high-value content is a basic requirement.

Our Watermark ID feature already generates visible and customizable real-time identification on videos whenever someone views an asset.

Now, we’re taking security a step further. Our new DRM (digital rights management) features encrypt all the video uploaded to an Enterprise account. Decryption for authorized viewing occurs only within the  web, iPhone, or Apple TV app (more on that in a second). DRM screenshot
With’s DRM enabled, screengrabs capture a black screen in both desktop and mobile browsers.

DRM blocks unauthorized viewing and sharing of your content on .  By employing a multi-DRM solution, you can use your favorite web browsers:  Safari, Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, and our DRM protection works across them all. It even keeps you protected on Safari, Chrome, and Android mobile browsers.

And because, let’s face it, even authorized people can make mistakes,  DRM prevents team members from sharing screengrabs of encrypted content from our apps on iPhone, Apple TV, or the  web app on OS- native browsers.

Best of all, this happens in the background without impacting how your operation works. Smart NLE integrations allow video editors using the  extensions access to clean source content—as long as they have the right permissions.

Two-factor authentication

Hacking, phishing, and other attempts to steal passwords are an unfortunate fact of everyday life. But two-factor authentication provides an effective layer of additional security to make sure users are who they say they are.

Now, team members can use popular time-based, one-time authentication apps like Authy, Google, Microsoft, and Okta, or SMS to receive a passcode. To prevent getting locked out if you lose access to your verification device, you can even download and save a simple text file of backup codes.

NAB 2022 2FA
Admins can now enable two-factor authentication for

Apple TV

Also big(ger) news is that the app for Apple TV 4K is here—which means you can now watch video in up to 10-bit 4K HDR on any compatible big-screen TV!

All you have to do is open your secure Enterprise Inbox, which can be shared with key stakeholders. Using the simple Apple remote you can jump between clips with the Play Queue, loop-play a clip to take a closer look, or you can autoplay through an entire folder of dailies. app on Apple TV 4K
The new app for Apple TV 4K can be incorporated into your dailies workflow.

Now you can watch Camera to Cloud dailies, review work-in-progress, or approve final color grades on your personal big-screen television and get bright, brilliant, and bold nuances similar to what you’d see in a professional screening environment. You can also view still photos and graphics, or listen to audio files.

“Imagine being able to view a color-correction session from your couch or your office.”

The implications here are huge (pun fully intended). Imagine being able to view a color-correction session from your couch or your office. Or being able to actually see the details of shots that require extensive VFX. Before now, you needed to be in a color-grading suite to view at this level of quality. Now, you can get close enough without having to travel to faraway places.

So, yeah. Sometimes more is more, and bigger is better. And if you’d like to learn even more, please book a meeting with us.

Thank you to Jason Druss for contributing this article.

Jason Druss is a Product Marketing Manager at, an Adobe company. A member of Colorist Society International (CSI), Jason was previously a Senior Colorist at WarnerMedia Studios, a Colorist at NFL Films, and a Davinci Resolve Product Specialist at Blackmagic Design.

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