Adobe and Become Early Adopters of TPN+ Platform has always made security the cornerstone of its platform since day one. That’s why today we’re excited to announce that along with Adobe video cloud services, we are proud early adopters of the TPN+ platform. 

What does that mean? Our customers are now guaranteed the highest possible level of security for their highest value content.

Although TPN compliance has always been voluntary, has always treated it as a requirement and has been compliant since TPN’s inception in 2018. Now, we’re redoubling our efforts with Adobe to provide even greater support for our customers—and to allow both our existing and new customers to discover faster, more efficient, and more secure workflows.

The TPN program and TPN+ platform

TPN is a global, industry-wide content protection initiative overseen by the MPA (Motion Picture Association) to provide a set of requirements and best practices to prevent leaks, breaches, and hacks of pre-released, high-value media content. By creating a single, global directory of “trusted partner” vendors, content companies have access to a centralized database with their TPN status.

TPN now takes that initiative a step further, evolving the assessment from site security to include SaaS-based cloud providers and their apps. The TPN+ platform and the new Cloud Security Assessment helps the entire industry benefit from the rapidly advancing requirements of enhanced security awareness, preparedness, and capability as more and more productions rely on the cloud.

Eight of the biggest content owners are members of TPN, including Universal, Disney, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Netflix, Amazon Studios, and Apple.

That Adobe and are among those invited to join as members and early adopters of the TPN+ platform speaks to the fact that these studios depend on our products to create their content—and that we pledge to provide them with the utmost in security.

The TPN gold shield

Our industry has become more dependent on cloud-native workflows in the past several years with the increase in remote and hybrid productions. Meanwhile, as we’ve expanded our platform to include Camera to Cloud, it’s become clear that our customers in the motion picture and TV sectors require the assurance that they can leverage cloud workflows safely.

TPN is the gold standard for security among the key creators, and is the central communication hub and source of trust and truth between and Adobe, content owners, and the rest of the media and entertainment market. As part of TPN, studios can feel confident that when their media and assets are in the cloud, they’re completely safe. Boosted by other important security features including Watermark ID, DRM (Digital Rights Management) encryption, and Secure Sharing, the end-to-end cloud workflow becomes an accessible and essential way of speeding up productions for even the most security-conscious creators.

As TPN’s most recent early adopter, Adobe is one step ahead of the game in terms of ensuring the safety and security of content.

“As TPN’s most recent early adopter, Adobe is one step ahead of the game in terms of ensuring the safety and security of content. I’m confident that our new TPN+ platform will prove beneficial for Adobe, their platform and its global client base, and provide added layers of security to their day-to-day workflows,” says Terri Davies, President of the Trusted Partner Network.

Additionally, large brands and the agencies who work with them will appreciate the extra level of security. When dealing with new product releases, it’s always a key concern to keep the designs or other collateral from falling into competitors’ hands.

An ongoing effort

Our shared goal at Adobe and is to always remain at the forefront of the industry. Optimizing our clients’ workflows while giving them the peace of mind that comes with top-tier security is how we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to taking the next steps forward in the cloud-first era of production.

Jason Druss

Jason Druss is a Product Marketing Manager at, an Adobe company. A member of Colorist Society International (CSI), Jason was previously a Senior Colorist at WarnerMedia Studios, a Colorist at NFL Films, and a Davinci Resolve Product Specialist at Blackmagic Design. V4 Beta Feature Focus—Player and Commenting V4 Beta Feature Focus—New Design, Smooth Navigation V4 Beta Feature Focus—Beautiful Branded Sharing