Our New Program: Camera to Cloud Certified

Since introducing Camera to Cloud (C2C) two years ago, we’ve gone from three initial integration partnerships to over a dozen, comprising 26 products. More than 6,700 productions have uploaded nearly a million assets to Frame.io—proof that this new way of working is catching on across every part of our industry and is rapidly becoming the workflow of the future.

By continuing to grow the C2C ecosystem, the possibilities for new ways of working expand exponentially. So today we’re excited to announce that we’ve created Camera to Cloud Certified Connections (C2C Certified) to make it even easier to become a C2C partner.

Set up for success

Being C2C Certified gives you the Frame.io stamp of approval. It ensures that an integration has passed our rigorous performance policies and meets the highest standards so our customers can implement Adobe-vetted, cloud-first workflows from pre-production through post. And we want to bring the experience and knowledge we’ve gathered over time and across thousands of productions to new partners.

Over the past two years, we’ve heard from lots of potential C2C users inquiring whether a particular camera or app is C2C compatible. The answer is that this program has been designed and developed to make it simple for any manufacturer or developer to become C2C compatible. The C2C Certified program means that we work with prospective partners to ensure that the integration does what the users need—and that it works easily and reliably right out of the gate.

Optimizing the experience

But it’s not only about becoming a partner. It’s also about the ongoing benefit of being one. Our innovative and empathetic team is here to support new partners from initial onboarding onward. Together, we can align release cycles to make sure that we optimize the C2C experience for all of our users. We can share insights, make recommendations, and work out any issues for our customers together.

It’s not only about becoming a partner. It’s also about the ongoing benefit of being one.

An added benefit is that we can celebrate and promote our shared wins. Partnering creates co-marketing opportunities like feature announcements, customer success stories, joint participation in trade shows or demonstrations, and more.

Security and speed

Frame.io is known for its industry-leading security standards and reliability. Our OAuth 2.0-compliant REST API manages token grant flows, and media uploaded to Frame.io is intuitively organized by date and device. So another benefit of becoming C2C Certified is the assurance that anyone using your product as part of the C2C workflow can quickly and securely connect to Frame.io with one login, and know that when they’re out in the field or on set C2C will automatically work.

This is a first for our industry—a one-of-a-kind solution that centralizes assets in a single place and is so easy to implement that some partners have achieved a working proof-of-concept in a matter of just a few days.


Productions from Hollywood movies to major sporting events to news broadcasts are now realizing the benefits of speeding up their workflows and deliveries—and how inevitable this way of working is becoming. The fact that every kind of asset—video, photo, audio, & design—in a variety of formats, with all the metadata included, can now go directly from its point of origin to any intended recipient or destination in real (or nearly real) time has definitively broken down the barriers created by relying on moving media stored on a physical object through time and space.

The more partners who join us, the stronger we all become.

Our program is what we think of as an offer you can’t refuse—a win-win opportunity. Because the more partners who join us, the stronger we all become. Together, we attract new customers, and from there we gain new insights, develop new workflows, optimize our way of working, and widely expand the ecosystem as a result.

We’re only just getting started but we’re already way ahead of the curve. So we hope you’ll join us! Learn more about becoming C2C Certified.

Michael Cioni

Michael is the Senior Director of Global Innovation, Adobe.

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