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Enhanced Security, Expanded Workflows, C2C-Enabled Cameras 

Announcing new releases is always so satisfying—especially when they help a wide variety of customers. That’s why today we’re excited to enhance security with the general release of Forensic Watermarking and give you the ability to expand your creative workflow with Microsoft Office file previews. Beyond that, we’re introducing the most affordable Camera to Cloud integration to date, opening a lightning-fast workflow for tasks like getting footage from live events to social media for photographers and videographers.

Forensic Watermarking 

We know that top-tier security is vital to our Enterprise customers, from media and entertainment studios creating highly anticipated content to global brands who work with agencies to create campaigns for new products. Now, Forensic Watermarking, along with visible Watermark ID and DRM (Digital Rights Management) encryption, 2FA, and SSO (Single Sign-On), gives you the absolute highest level of security for remote collaboration and the ultimate peace of mind. 

How it works 

Forensic Watermarking places invisible watermarks on your video media that are robust enough to survive many actions, including file copying, screen recordings, or even external recordings from cameras and mobile devices—whether the watermarked content is being viewed, shared, downloaded, or edited. If a forensically watermarked video is leaked, or is under suspicion by an account admin, an intercepted copy of the video asset can be analyzed in an investigation completed by our own Frame.io Support team and NAGRA, our technology partner. 

Within minutes after the Frame support team receives the unique Forensic ID, we can provide you with detailed information related to the origin of the breach including asset IDs, account, team, project, user info, and playback times for the most comprehensive layer of security available. 

The invisible watermarks are robust enough to survive many actions…even external recordings from cameras and mobile devices.

Our admin controls allow Forensic Watermarking and Watermark ID security tools to be customized at the team or account level, and it takes only seconds to generate them for video playback in Frame.io. It works with any video formats supported in Frame.io, making it perfect for sharing ads, previsualizations, VFX shots, and C2C dailies.

For viewers, there’s nothing additional to do or to learn. The only thing they’ll notice is the small Forensic Watermark icon and notification displayed in the Frame.io app during internal playback. This acts as an added deterrent, like a lawn sign on a house that says it’s protected by an alarm system. Notices in share links can be provided in the link itself, giving the admin control over the information and warnings. 

Our customer, RadicalMedia, has been a champion for this feature since their production of Questlove’s Oscar-winning documentary Summer of Soul

Frame’s security and ease of use have always been industry leading, and we were thrilled to learn about the addition of Forensic Watermarking directly in the platform. This new feature allows picture and color-critical reviews to happen unobstructed by traditional text and logo watermarks, while maintaining peace of mind that our media is tracked and protected.

James Uminowicz, head of post-production, RadicalMedia.

For more detailed information visit the Forensic Watermarking support page.

Support for Microsoft Office files 

The ability to preview files from PowerPoint, Excel, and Word unlocks more comprehensive and flexible workflows through Frame.io.  

Imagine you’re beginning a marketing campaign. First, you want to present a creative brief in the form of a PowerPoint deck and aggregate your creative collaborators’ thoughts. When your script and storyboards are ready for the commercial shoot, you can review them in the same project for feedback, adjustments, or approvals. After that, your shooting schedules or call sheets, budgets, or whatever you need from Excel can also live in the same project.  

Along with being able to upload video, photographs and design files, this capability turns Frame.io into the creative repository for all the assets you need from ideation through final delivery. Review casting sheets and headshots, location photos and contracts, talent release forms, and so much more. And, with all the security features we’ve added, you know that you can safely share anything you choose with internal or external collaborators no matter if they’re down the hall or across the continent. 

Camera to Cloud 

Speaking of uploading photographs and video, the latest in-camera integration with the FUJIFILM X100VI is another game changer. As the most approachable integration in terms of cost and accessibility, the X100VI is an incredibly compact camera with a 40.2-megapixel sensor, in-body image stabilization, and internal film simulations (a fan-favorite feature) that lets you shoot 6.2K/30p video without needing any additional hardware for connectivity. You can also upload specific file types according to your preference: video or JPEG, Raw or HEIF.  

The predecessor of this camera (the X100V) went viral on TikTok during the peak of the pandemic, making it almost impossible to find in stock, and after a very exciting release in February the X100VI seems to be just as popular. 

As always, your feedback helps inspire us to create new features. We hope these releases add value to how you work—and hope you’ll share your experiences with us. 

We’ll be at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas from March 25-28 and then back for NAB from April 13-17. We’d love to meet you there! 

Chris Piwinski

Chris Piwinski is an Enterprise Product Marketing Manager at Frame.io, an Adobe company. He's passionate about how technology can be used to unlock creativity and improve day-to-day workflows.