V4 Beta Feature Focus—Fluid Mobile Experience

In this article, design manager Eli Miller gives us a good look at the redesigned V4 mobile app for iPhone and iPad. design manager Eli Miller presents the new mobile app experience for V4.

An all-new V4 mobile experience

When you first open the V4 mobile app on your iPhone, you’ll land on the Home tab. This page makes it easy to quickly access your most recent projects, or browse a full list of all projects you have access to.

This is a full-featured experience. You can invite and manage members, create, delete, and rename Workspaces and Projects, and even copy a link for easy sharing while on the go. 

Diving into a project, you’ll find several new features that will supercharge your mobile workflow. There’s both a list and a grid view for browsing through lots of assets. Or you can browse more visually from the Appearance menu. mobile iPhone customization

You can customize the size and aspect ratio of the thumbnail in the Appearance menu. In the Fields menu, you can choose and reorder which Fields you want to see, like Status and Rating. You can also easily sort by any of these fields, giving you powerful control over your browsing experience. 

When designing Version 4 for iPhone, we wanted to make it as powerful as the you use on your desktop. This full-fledged file management experience allows you to rename, move, copy, export, and delete files and folders. And if you’ve got a lot to do, for iPhone and iPad also supports a robust multi-selection experience that allows you to modify files in bulk. 

We even surface the full Folder Path for when you’re navigating deep within your assets. Simply tap on the Project Navigation button in the top left-hand corner of the app. Then, use the Nested Folder button to expose the folder path. 

Comments and feedback

Let’s dive into the viewing experience. When you open an asset, you’ll first notice the new comments panel at the bottom with a swipe-up or down function. You can move fluidly between playback and feedback or find a happy medium of both.

When leaving feedback, you’ll notice there are a few new ways to communicate your point. Comments now feature emoji reactions, nested replies, and the ability to mark feedback as complete. And our new comment attachments allow you to upload files from your phone when words aren’t enough. We’ve also refined the Annotation view with a full-screen mode, which is great for precise control and marking up a frame with detailed feedback.

Pinned comments

With the new V4 mobile experience, you can quickly draw attention to a specific coordinate. Just tap and hold to drop a pinned comment. One of my favorite features is you can pinch-to-zoom up to 400%. This is perfect for inspecting fine details on small devices. We’ve also made it super quick to navigate between assets with a simple swipe left or swipe right.

Of course, you still have access to all the classic features like Playback Speed, Resolution, and Double Tap to skip backward and forward. 

Last but not least, we’ve added a comprehensive list of asset Metadata to the player, as well as the brand-new Properties tab. You can now edit Fields directly from the player like Status or Rating for when you need to quickly approve on the go. We’ve also added thoughtful touches like the ability to pin a Property to the bottom of the screen, making V4’s mobile experience on iPhone and iPad truly one of a kind. V4 mobile sharing

We all know sharing is a huge part of the experience, so we made sure to pay extra special attention to creating a Share feature on the iPhone. Simply select your files and tap Share.

From there, you can fully customize what you want to share by giving your files a unique title, description, or even an emoji. You can also control the Appearance, Fields, and Sort Order of your shared assets, ensuring your creative work is presented in the best light possible. When you’re ready, you can preview the Share and send the link with just a couple of taps.

You can also access your entire list of shares in a Project. You can find them in the Project Navigation sheet, which can be accessed anywhere in your Project by tapping the button in the top left of the V4 mobile app. 

From there, you can see everything in your Project, including all your files, C2C Connections, Collections, and your Shares. Tap on the All Shares item to see a full list of your Shares. You can also view an individual Share in the All Shares menu with a simple tap. Or, you can tap on the three dots to quickly see key information like View Count or to copy the link. 

…to see a full list of your Shares.
…to see a full list of your Shares. V4 Notifications

We know that Notifications are a key part of any mobile experience. With this in mind, we’ve improved our Notification Settings to give you more granular control over what you’re notified about and how you received them.

You can easily access your Notification Settings on your iPhone. These mobile settings are the same settings found on the desktop version, allowing you to customize all your Notifications on the go. 

Search is coming to the iOS app for the first time, greatly reducing the friction of finding what you need from your mobile device. V4 Mobile for iPad

I also want to highlight’s redesigned iPad experience as well. Every feature in this article is also available on the iPad, and we’ve specifically considered every interaction for the larger surface area. 

As you can see, V4 on iPhone and iPad share a consistent look and feature set, and each app has been optimized for its respective form factor.

We are incredibly proud of the powerful new features we’re bringing to the mobile experience. We can’t wait to get them into your hands.

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