V4 Beta Feature Focus—Player and Commenting

We’re excited to introduce our fully redesigned player and commenting experience in Version 4, which are two fundamental features of now made more powerful and robust.

Senior engineering manager Sina Jazayeri presents V4’s new player and commenting features.

Thanks to our new panel system, multitasking is a breeze. You can keep a pocket-sized version of the player pulled up while you browse through your assets in the grid.

For a more focused viewing experience, you can enter the redesigned full screen player where you’ll have access to the full suite of commenting, playback, and zoom controls.

And regardless of whether you’re working with video, audio, images, or PDFs, these tools are pinned in the exact same spot in the bottom of the player, which minimizes visual distraction and lets the content shine.

Under the hood, the Version 4 player is more performant than ever thanks to standardized HLS playback. That means you’ll be able to play video content in with a smoother viewing experience and fewer interruptions, regardless of your bandwidth.

Whether you’re working with videos, photos, or design files, the controls are positioned to minimize distraction.

We’ve also added frame-accurate seeking to the player, which helps you find the exact moment you’re looking for by hovering over the timeline and seeing a preview of each frame as you move along.

Feedback is at the heart of, which is why we’ve completely reimagined our commenting experience in Version 4 to make collaboration simple, focused, and fun.

In Version 4, you can share feedback down to the pixel with the new anchored comments. Gone are the days of writing a full paragraph just to get that point across. Now you can simply tap anywhere on the video to leave a comment directly on the asset itself.

Anchored comments are really easy to find for new users, which is helpful for reviewers who might be unfamiliar with the concept of time-stamped comments. They work on images and PDFs, too. V4’s comment attachments

Another way we’ve reimagined commenting in Version 4 is through comment attachments. This is a great way to move the conversation forward with some additional context.

Comment hashtags are always indexed, which means the next time I use hashtags, my previous ones will pop up as a suggestion. When you submit a comment, focus immediately shifts back to the player, so you can keep using my keyboard to control playback.

When you start typing again, the player is immediately paused so that you can finish your comment without missing any detail. These might be subtle improvements to the player experience, but they keep your efficiency top of mind and make sure you never miss a beat.

And when words and attachments just aren’t enough to express your thoughts, a simple emoji might do the trick.

Reacting to comments with an emoji is a quick and fun new way to respond to feedback from your collaborators. Feedback happens fast and it’s easy to miss critical comments amid the barrage of messages coming in on your work.

That’s why we’ve introduced comment filtering, which helps you find the exact conversation you need to see and respond to. You can filter by annotations, attachments, reactions, and more, to quickly narrow down a long list of comments.

And in Version 4, there’s a specific link to every comment so you can direct someone to a specific conversation.

Our reimagined player experience lets your assets and conversations take center stage. We can’t wait to see what you make with them.

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