New Real-Time Logging Speeds Up Camera to Cloud Workflows

Have you ever been in the thick of shooting a live sporting event and a great play or iconic moment happened—and you wished you’d had a minute to note that take for your editor so they could post it to social media right away? Or maybe you’re a marketer and the subject being interviewed just said the perfect thing about your product and you wanted a way to tell the editor to use that exact bite—but the editor was in a different city? 

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Real-Time Logging (RTL), the newest addition to the Camera to Cloud workflow. RTL now lets you communicate your thoughts about what the camera is capturing—as it’s happening—with just the push of a button, revolutionizing the way production teams communicate with editors.  

Streamlining shoot to social 

RTL is enabled by connecting Ambient NanoLockit devices to a project and is available for the current version of today, with V4 access coming later this year. With buttons that are pre-programmed to indicate certain comments, RTL lets you send a heat map of timecode-accurate, customizable comments directly to your editor. For example, the green button can indicate “great moment” while the red button might indicate “leave this out.” 

This feature is a natural fit for camera teams shooting live sporting or music events. Imagine that every time there’s a big touchdown or slam dunk, or a music artist does an amazing dance move, all you have to do is click the button—keeping you completely in the moment and feeling secure that you have that note captured.

The editor, no matter where they are, can immediately grab that shot and within moments have it ready to go out on social media. As we know, getting a clip out while the event is still in progress drives fan engagement, and this ultra-fast C2C workflow changes the game for sports, music, and red-carpet events. 

Time flies in the cloud 

It’s also a feature we’ve used extensively while producing our interview-style customer stories. As our director is talking to our customer-subjects, he’s able to mark which sound bites he thinks are great without ever breaking eye contact with the interviewee. Additionally, attendees from our marketing team have their own devices assigned to them so they can weigh in, ensuring that the right information from our marketing brief finds its way into the video.

Our editor, who’s generally not on set, receives immediate feedback on those takes as she receives them, so she knows which ones to focus on and which to pass on, pointing her directly to all the best story beats. It’s incredibly time saving, because with unscripted or interview-based footage the takes can be lengthy.

RTL leads the editor directly to the correct sound bite.

Now, she can literally save anywhere from hours to days (depending on the volume) by not having to watch through all the unusable footage and navigate directly to the essentials. Even better, she understands the creative intent of the director and the priorities of the marketers, so she’s able to more effectively build a cut that works for everyone from the start, saving on revision cycles.

And then there’s the fact that the entire team—directors, producers, marketers, agency clients, etc., will have peace of mind knowing that their notes have found their way to the editor without them having to leave notes manually in once the clips are loaded.

Join Red Bull Media House to learn how C2C real-time logging accelerates their high-energy event workflows.

If you’d like to learn more about some exciting real-world use cases, register for our LIVE event on June 19, 2024, at 10am PT. Host Shawn McDaniel will talk with Dennis Wiehberg, Senior Project Manager Innovation at Red Bull Media House, about how they used Camera to Cloud with RTL on their recent Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series and FIM Hard Enduro World Championship.

JJ Powell

JJ Powell is a Product Marketing Manager at, an Adobe company. He's passionate about creative technologies, cloud-first productions, audio engineering, and finding the perfect slice of pizza.

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