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How Frame.io helped make Brown Nation a Netflix hit
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How to grow an audience for your YouTube channel
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Five shooting situations that require a specific camera
How Frame.io helped make Brown Nation a Netflix hit
How to grow an audience for your YouTube channel

You posted some dog videos onto YouTube, and holy cannoli Sparky is actually starting to get some views!  Congrats you big shot video producer, now you need to grow an audience. So what’s next? Welcome to producing online content. Maybe you didn’t go to film school or intern at Warner Bros, but you can still master online video […]

6 filmmaking books filmmakers recommend

Books make great gifts. Here is a short list of a few classics that many professionals who write and direct movies actually have read and shared. It will come as little surprise that the authors of the best books about filmmaking have a number of screenwriting credits to their names. But on thing that makes this collection unique […]

Three ways to keep making micro-budget movies at all costs

Many of the potential strategies to keep making films after you leave film school – taking paid production/post jobs, raising and saving funds, pitching to investors, etc. – can prevent you from making your own films. But if you can keep your costs low, and are resourceful, you just might be able to create them on […]

Winning at Independent Filmmaking

It’s been a really great year for my friend and long time independent filmmaking comrade, Anthony Lucero. A year that was a decade in the making.

lights out short film
How three directors went from short film to Hollywood

While prestige film festivals have historically been the Holy Grail for short films, Internet distribution has changed things forever.

4 essential principles you can use to become a better filmmaker in 2016

Growing as a filmmaker requires perspective and planning, as well as hard work. Set goals to become a better filmmaker in the year ahead.