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Introducing + Pond5
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How The Magnetic Timeline Keeps You Focused on The Story

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Introducing + Pond5
How The Magnetic Timeline Keeps You Focused on The Story

Final Cut Pro X’s Magnetic Timeline helps you focus on story in a way no other NLE does. In the process, making you edit faster and more efficiently.

Prepping Horizontal, Square and Vertical Video for Social Media

As video ads on social media grow in use, it becomes more important for editors to know how to deliver videos in horizontal, square and vertical formats.

Speed up Your Edit with Stringouts and Keyboard Maestro

Stringouts are a common way to review multiple takes in a TV production. Here’s an in-depth look at using keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process.

If You Gave Up on FCP X, It’s Time For a Second Look

When FCP X launched 6 years ago, many professionals gave up on the NLE. If you were one of them, now more than ever you should reconsider that decision.

4 Tricks to Speed Up Exports in Premiere Pro [Video]

An in-depth video showing four great tricks for speeding up exports from Premiere Pro using Smart Rendering. Cut export time from minutes to seconds.

4 Editing Insights from Laughter, Love, and Loneliness

Real life situations can help improve your editing skills. Take note next time you’re with friends or on a date, and imagine how you might edit your life.

HBO’s The Defiant Ones and the Trend of Editor As Writer

We speak to the editors of HBO’s documentary series “The Defiant Ones” on how the process of editing a documentary can earn you a writing credit.

5 Essential Strategies to Cut the Fat and Tighten Your Edit

The editorial team gets input from post production experts on how to aggressively cut your film or video to better serve the story.

Timecode and Frame Rates: Everything You Need to Know

An in-depth look at timecode, how it works (both on set and in post), and the crucial role that frame rates play in using it correctly.

Six Tips for a Successful Test Screening

A test screening is a great way to get constructive and objective feedback on your film. Here are six tips for having a successful and helpful screening.

Oscar-Winning Hacksaw Ridge Editor Tells Us His Editing Secrets

The Oscar-winning editor of “Hacksaw Ridge,” John Gilbert, gives some valuable insight on how he edits a feature film and how he collaborates other artists.

The 3 Principles Behind a Story-Driven PBS Documentary

PBS editor Steve Audette, ACE gives the essential ingredients for a compelling documentary and explains how he crafts a character-driven narrative.