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How Frame.io helped make Brown Nation a Netflix hit
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How to grow an audience for your YouTube channel
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Five shooting situations that require a specific camera
How Frame.io helped make Brown Nation a Netflix hit
How to fascinate an audience by playing with time

Time can be manipulated to send an audience on a journey through a range of emotions. In the real world, the stories we share follow a natural progression from beginning to end. With film, there is a bit more freedom to bend the rules. Every story can be told linearly, but that doesn’t mean that your story […]

5 excellent reasons to choose silence over sound

The 19th century proverbial saying that “Speech is silver, but silence is golden” may have been in reference to the value of discretion. But when applied to filmmaking, the phrase holds true. Each aural component added during the post production of a sound film should add something to the final cut. It could be a subtle non-diegetic underscore beneath […]

dolly shot
How to use a dolly shot to transform a simple scene

Every filmmaker will shoot simple scenes. Most of us shoot a lot of them. Analyze your favorite movie or TV show. It may shock you how many scenes take place between only one or two characters. Want to tell great cinematic stories? You must master the simple scene. A well-executed dolly shot can take a moment from lackluster […]

How to move everything but the camera

One of the strongest lessons the film Jaws teaches you is the art of what not to show, and when not to move the camera.

How to improve visual storytelling daily (on the sly)

Here are some visual storytelling exercises to try daily for extended periods (not all at once), even while you’re engaged in other work.

7 unusual films that changed what you hear

Done right, sound can be instrumental how you tell your story in film and how your audience feels when watching.

When to break the 180 degree rule

I had the pleasure to briefly interview cinematographer Matty Libatique, who with director Darren Aronofsky deliberately bent and broke the line of action to make Requiem for a Dream a more powerful story.

How to use slow motion for maximum impact

A psychological phenomenon called slow motion perception may point the way to transforming a slowmo sequence from eye candy into story gold.

9 unexpected sources of story inspiration

Independent filmmakers don’t have access to best-selling novels or biographies. But great stories can be found in unexpected places.