NAB 2019 Sessions

NAB 2019 was our most exciting yet. We loved having the opportunity to connect with so many of you, and with the filmmaking industry at large.

We pulled together an incredible group of speaker sessions, bringing over a dozen leaders and professionals in the world of video production to share insights into their workflow processes. Alexis Van Hurkman, Michael Cioni, Ryan Connolly, Stu Maschwitz, Mark Toia, (to name a few), as well as representatives from BuzzFeed and VICE Media. Over the three-day period, they all shared their knowledge with our standing-room-only crowds.

Topics ranged from how BuzzFeed uses the API to manage video and user stats and workflow, to Stu Maschwitz’s breakdown of how he DP’d, edited, color-graded, and handled VFX for a short film directed by Oscar-winning director of Brave and fellow CalArts alum, Mark Andrews.

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