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How IFC’s 'Documentary Now' Crushes Collaboration
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These location audio mixers and recorders will last
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6 filmmaking books filmmakers recommend
How IFC’s 'Documentary Now' Crushes Collaboration
How IFC’s ‘Documentary Now’ Crushes Collaboration

Documentary Now is a television series on IFC. It parodies celebrated documentary films, from Grey Gardens to Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Recently, the team took on Stop Making Sense, Jonathan Demme’s legendary 1984 concert documentary about the band Talking Heads. Frame.io plays an integral role behind the scenes, as this video attests. The series was […]

These location audio mixers and recorders will last

Good location-audio mixers and recorders help you control and preserve sound. They aren’t cheap, but they are worth the investment. I’ll help you select the key components of a simple location-sound kit for working with just a few audio sources that will deliver uncompromised audio quality for many years, even as  your needs grow and change. A previous article offers you some great […]

6 filmmaking books filmmakers recommend

Books make great gifts. Here is a short list of a few classics that many professionals who write and direct movies actually have read and shared. It will come as little surprise that the authors of the best books about filmmaking have a number of screenwriting credits to their names. But on thing that makes this collection unique […]

Assemble the last location microphone kit you’ll ever need

Everyone says audio is 50-percent of video. But would you pay as much for your microphone kit as you would for your lens kit? Producers, directors, and camera operators regularly ask me to recommend sound equipment that will deliver better audio tracks than they get with a cheap on-camera microphone, inexpensive lavaliere mic, and a […]

Plan ahead to easily sell a screen replacement shot

With a little planning before the shoot, you can insert a screen onto a monitor or device convincingly without complications. One key is how the screen is shot. This is where it’s easiest to get it wrong. This tutorial shows how easily a realistic yet legible screen can look more or less perfect in After Effects. Of […]

How to fascinate an audience by playing with time

Time can be manipulated to send an audience on a journey through a range of emotions. In the real world, the stories we share follow a natural progression from beginning to end. With film, there is a bit more freedom to bend the rules. Every story can be told linearly, but that doesn’t mean that your story […]

How Team Projects changes the way you work

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort, but we’re much more used to software that makes us take our turn. Sharing Adobe projects, meanwhile, has most often been done in an ad-hoc way, when it is done at all. The latest version of Creative Cloud adds a set of features collectively known as Team Projects. Adobe has designed specifically for collaboration. As […]

Introducing Frame.io for Adobe After Effects CC

Today we’re moving our Adobe Creative Cloud integration beyond the NLE. Our real-time collaboration layer  has revolutionized how editors work in Adobe Premiere Pro. Now, the same toolset has been integrated into Adobe After Effects. Once again, this provides interaction with the entire Frame.io application. The custom Frame.io panel is directly accessible in the After Effects UI. Product Launch […]

Make the most of FCP X: Log interviews better (part 2)

It may seem counterintuitive, but jumping right into an edit on your timeline isn’t the fastest way to cut down an interview. The greatest timesaver I’ve ever found in editing interviews is planning. In this article, I’ll show you how I take advantage of the unique tools in Final Cut Pro X to create an interview workflow that shaves […]