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Three ways to keep making micro-budget movies at all costs
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5 excellent reasons to choose silence over sound
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Make the most of FCP X: Log interviews better (part 1)
Three ways to keep making micro-budget movies at all costs
Three ways to keep making micro-budget movies at all costs

Many of the potential strategies to keep making films after you leave film school – taking paid production/post jobs, raising and saving funds, pitching to investors, etc. – can prevent you from making your own films. But if you can keep your costs low, and are resourceful, you just might be able to create them on […]

5 excellent reasons to choose silence over sound

The 19th century proverbial saying that “Speech is silver, but silence is golden” may have been in reference to the value of discretion. But when applied to filmmaking, the phrase holds true. Each aural component added during the post production of a sound film should add something to the final cut. It could be a subtle non-diegetic underscore beneath […]

Make the most of FCP X: Log interviews better (part 1)

Interviews are at the heart of many of the projects we create.  A compelling and concise personal story is a joy to watch but is time consuming and difficult to achieve. In this second topic in my Make the Most of FCP X series, I want to show you some tips that make FCP X an exceptional tool for […]

Gear up now for live video streaming of tomorrow

If it’s been a while since you’ve perused your smartphone’s app store, let me bring you up to speed. Live streaming video apps have gone mainstream! Thanks to platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Periscope, individuals representing every demographic are already broadcasting their unique perspectives and personal experiences. Around the world, live streamers are […]

Why are music videos still relevant for filmmakers?

Where do people even watch music videos anymore? I’ve heard that question almost every time I tell someone what I do.

Make the most of FCP X:  6 ways to maximize Multicam

Multicam in Final Cut Pro X is an amazing feature. Its simplicity allows any editor to sync and setup a multiple camera job with ease. However, if you have used FCP X Multicam to just switch cameras, then you’ve only scratched the surface.

How to add heat effects—ripple and glow—in Adobe After Effects

What makes an element in a scene look hot? If we’re literally talking about temperature, hot things glow. If a surface, fire or other heat emission is really hot (and on Earth or somewhere like it) there will be visible heat effects including convection. This phenomenon, also known as heat ripple or heat distortion, rapidly bends […]

How to set your shot on fire without getting burned

You know what they say: if you play with fire, you might get burned by not knowing how to composite it correctly in Adobe After Effects. In this post, we’ll solve that now and for all time.

Winning at Independent Filmmaking

It’s been a really great year for my friend and long time independent filmmaking comrade, Anthony Lucero. A year that was a decade in the making.