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What Makes A True Game-Changer? Twelve Film Industry Leaders Weigh In.
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Introducing Watch Folders for macOS
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Mastering an Arri Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro
What Makes A True Game-Changer? Twelve Film Industry Leaders Weigh In
What Makes A True Game-Changer? Twelve Film Industry Leaders Weigh In.

It seems like every year some new product is heralded as a game-changer. We reached out to over a dozen respected leaders to help us spot the real ones.

Introducing Watch Folders for macOS

We’ve all been there. You start to transfer a few large files at the end of the day for your client to review, leave the office for the night, and return the next morning, only to see they failed to upload. That feeling sucks, and it’s exactly why we’re so excited to introduce Watch […]

Mastering an Arri Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro

ARRIRAW can yield amazing images that take up an enormous amount of space. Learn the ins and outs of managing all that data (or making the call not to).

The All New Is Coming…

Today we’re excited to share a preview of the all new – coming Summer 2018. It’s our biggest and most important update, ever. We went back to the drawing board for this one and rewrote the application from the ground up with a focus on speed and security. Over 1 year in the making, […]

Made in Frame – New Balance “Fearlessly Independent”

The New Balance #FearlesslyIndependent ad editor shares about the creative and technical challenges making a video with collaborators around the world. On The Road: See You At NAB!

The team will be in Las Vegas April 7-12 for NAB 2018. Say hello at our booth, at Supermeet, at Media Motion Ball, or schedule a private meeting.

John Wick 2 Editor Shares His Top Career Strategies

“Renaissance Editor” Evan Schiff has worked on such films as John Wick 2, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Baby Driver. He shares his secrets to success.

Editing Insights and Analysis of Six Masterpieces

We take a close look at and analyze the editing of six iconic films from past and present-day that every editor should watch.

Workflow Breakdown of Every Best Picture and Best Editing Oscar Nominee

We spoke to the post-production teams of this year’s best picture and best editing Oscar nominees to bring you this epic workflow breakdown.

Made in Frame: The Oscar-Winning “Get Out”

A new blog series looking at the BTS magic of productions that use Up first, the VFX for the multi-Oscar-nominated horror satire, “Get Out.”

6 Troubleshooting Tips For Avid Media Composer Errors

From crashes to offline media to files that won’t export. We look at a half-dozen ways to fix some of Avid’s most common errors.

A Word On Security From

We are going all-in on security in 2018 – investing heavily not only to meet MPAA and SOC2 requirements but to lead the industry in content security.