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Introducing Enterprise

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Finding the Flow: A Musical Approach to Cutting Documentaries
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How to Match a Film Look with Basic Color Correction Tools
Introducing Enterprise
The 3 Principles Behind a Story-Driven PBS Documentary

PBS editor Steve Audette, ACE gives the essential ingredients for a compelling documentary and explains how he crafts a character-driven narrative.

Introducing Enterprise

Join companies like Vice, Buzzfeed & Turner who use Enterprise to privately upload, share and review media across their entire organization.

Finding the Flow: A Musical Approach to Cutting Documentaries

Documentary editor and director Bill Weber shares how a love for the Doors and the Grateful Dead contributed to his editing style.

Working with Proxy Media in Avid

Avid Media Composer makes working with high-resolution video as painless as possible by the use of intermediate codecs and proxy media.

Jump from Assistant to Lead Editor, from the Co-editor of Dr. Strange

The co-editor of “Dr. Strange,” Sabrina Plisco, shares about her nearly 30 years in the business and how she made the jump from assistant to lead.

Better Call Saul Editor Chris McCaleb Welcomes Mistakes

Accidents are surprisingly important in art. Better Call Saul editor Chris McCaleb shares insight on the value of mistakes made during production.

FRONTLINE Documentary Editor Steve Audette on Engaging Your Audience

Veteran FRONTLINE editor Steve Audette, ACE shares how he crafts compelling stories with integrity, that people will actually want to watch.

How I Hire (and Re-Hire) a Film Editor

How to get hired as an editor, from the perspective of the person who’s doing the hiring – covering the reel, scene samples, and how to get rehired.

Announcing Version 1.4 for iOS!

Today, I am excited to announce Version 1.4 for iOS! This latest update brings new speed and simplicity to video collaboration on mobile.

color correction
How to Match a Film Look with Basic Color Correction Tools

Shot Matching is an essential color-correction skill, and this article teaches how to make a shot from La La Land look like Moonlight in about 60 seconds.

How the Doctor Strange Co-Editors Built a Team Dynamic

Sharing the editing role can be a wonderfully creative experience, or a tense, awkward one. Sabrina Plisco shares her experience on several major films.

4 Keys to a Fulfilling Editing Career From a Veteran Editor

In our industry, you can be lucky, or you can be consistent. Most of us aren’t lucky, but if you follow some basic principles, you can build a great career.