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Introducing + Pond5
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How The Magnetic Timeline Keeps You Focused on The Story

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Our $20M Series B

Introducing + Pond5
Introducing + Pond5 now integrates directly with Pond5 to streamline your video team’s stock footage workflow. Share This News With A Tweet! If you work with stock footage, you know that finding the right shot your teammates all agree on can be time-consuming. And the path to approval is filled with endless email threads, scattered links, and […]

How The Magnetic Timeline Keeps You Focused on The Story

Final Cut Pro X’s Magnetic Timeline helps you focus on story in a way no other NLE does. In the process, making you edit faster and more efficiently.

A Faster, More Efficient Way to Work with Audio in Premiere

Many small doc and corporate video producers working with 2 audio channels import them as stereo into Premiere. Here’s a better way to do audio in Premiere.

Prepping Horizontal, Square and Vertical Video for Social Media

As video ads on social media grow in use, it becomes more important for editors to know how to deliver videos in horizontal, square and vertical formats.

Turbo Charge Your FCP X Workflow with DaVinci Resolve

Exporting from FCPX to DaVinci Resolve allows you to overcome FCPX’s lack of XML, OMF, AAF or EDL support. It throws in a few other benefits as well.

Series B Announcement
Our $20M Series B

Hey there. Today I’m sharing some exciting news for A little over 2 years ago, my co-founder John Traver and I set out on a mission to change the way video collaboration works. 15 years of post production experience guided our relentless focus on building a product that solved real problems. Our north star has […]

Speed up Your Edit with Stringouts and Keyboard Maestro

Stringouts are a common way to review multiple takes in a TV production. Here’s an in-depth look at using keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process.

How to Use and Read the Four Primary Video Scopes

Video scopes are an indispensable tool for editors. Here’s an introduction to the four primary scopes: Waveform, RGB Parade, Histogram and Vector Scopes.

10 Strategies to Maintain Work-Life Balance When Working Remotely

Editor Zack Arnold uses a combination of productivity apps, habits, exercise, and SaaS software to maintain a healthy and productive work-life balance.

A Beginner’s Guide to Curves for Color Correction

A primer on curves for color correction, teaching how curves work and how to use them to achieve simple color grading effects.

5 Reasons to Work for Free

Post house Coat of Arms shares their process for determining when and why to work for free, and how they made a spectacular title sequence pro bono.

If You Gave Up on FCP X, It’s Time For a Second Look

When FCP X launched 6 years ago, many professionals gave up on the NLE. If you were one of them, now more than ever you should reconsider that decision.