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Meet Michael Cioni, Our New Global SVP of Innovation at

So far, 2019 has been another big year for us at

We made some major upgrades to our platform, implemented new key integrations, and moved into a larger office space to accommodate our growing business and team. Today, I couldn’t be more excited to announce that Michael Cioni is joining as Global SVP of Innovation.

Michael is a well-known industry expert and thought leader who comes to us from Panavision, where he spearheaded a number of breakthrough products, including the Millennium DXL 8K large-format camera system. He’s also a filmmaker and workflow pioneer who’s been on the production and post-production frontlines and knows, firsthand, the many pain points involved in the process of creating video content.

Michael’s experience and expertise mean that will be able to take some immediately impactful steps to expand our services. In fact, the very first thing he’ll be doing is heading up a new LA-based division that’s focused on motion picture and television production, an area he’s specialized in throughout his career. No one understands the particular intricacies of large-scale, complex productions better than Michael, who created Light Iron in 2009 and has been developing and evangelizing for cloud-based workflow solutions since then.

If you’re reading this, you already know that we’re in a period of seismic change in the professional filmmaking process—probably the biggest since the shift from analog to digital—as we move to cloud-based workflows. has been 100-percent cloud based since the beginning, when we created a new platform for post-production collaboration.

Our vision for the next generation of professional cinema workflows will expand on that foundation, and Michael will be key to redefining the process from camera to cutting room.

He’ll be instrumental in helping us address the specific concerns of the motion picture industry, including image quality, archiving, security, and future proofing. He’ll also be involved in expanding the functionality of to meet new demands, like leveraging our API with a combination of software and hardware that we think will revolutionize the future of global collaboration.

Going forward, a big part of our roadmap is centered on reducing the time it takes to get camera-original material into the cutting room. We’re committed to helping filmmakers use to perform a lot of previously time-consuming tasks automatically, or even instantly, in some cases. We want directors, cinematographers, and editors to be able to work with recorded images in parallel, from anywhere, without boundaries or borders.

Finally, I can’t imagine a more articulate spokesperson for than Michael. He attends lots of key industry events and conferences, and we hope you’ll be able to hear him share his ideas about the direction of the industry in general, and about the progress we’re making at I know that having Michael on our team will be great for us and for our customers, as we continue to make using a more powerful, intuitive, and delightful experience.

Emery Wells

Emery Wells is the Co-Founder & VP, Digital Products,