Introducing v3.5 – More Secure, More Precise, and More Flexible.

Introducing v3.5 – more secure, more precise, and more flexible.

Over the past two years we’ve made security a top priority and this release is no different. We’re introducing a completely secure way to share media, enabling you to use for even your most sensitive pre-release content. We’ve also added range-based comments, a new iOS app, and a robust search and filter experience that rivals what you’d find in some expensive asset management systems. Read on for more.

New features

Advanced search

We’ve improved our existing search capabilities to quickly find a single asset or project and navigate to it, even through millions of assets. Especially powerful is the ability to combine multiple filters—like date, file type, uploader, and more—to find the right media when you need it.

New player controls

Little stuff matters. Many of you asked to go from the comment composer to fullscreen mode (or back to the player controls) without taking your fingers off the keyboard, so tab and shift+tab now go back and forth between them.

You can choose fine-grained playback speeds from your settings (for 1.25x, 1.5x and 1.75x) so you can view videos at a faster (but still watchable) speed. And by using the JKL keys, you can accelerate or decelerate from your default speed to 2x, 4x, and 8x—and you’ll see a speed indicator on the video.

Range-based comments and precision scrubbing

You’ve been waiting for this, we’ve been waiting for this…wait no more.

In v3.5 we’re introducing range-based comments. From the very beginning of we’ve offered the ability to comment on a single frame. With the introduction of range-based comments you can now identify an IN and OUT point for your comments. Range-based comments are great for communicating things like moving an entire scene or giving praise to a section you love.

Visually selecting a time-range based on a scene or cut point is one thing but selecting a sound, like a beat, can be tricky. We’ve got you covered. You can now create a range by holding down the R key during playback, which is great for selecting sounds based on the rhythm of the music. Range-based comments flow into your NLE just like any other comment.

Bonus: We also overhauled player navigation to make scrubbing smoother and more accurate. By holding down the Shift key while scrubbing you can control the precision of your scrubbing—making it easier to find a cut point, even with a multi-hour video.

Secure sharing

Review links and Inbox (available in beta for Enterprise plans)

The security of your media is absolutely critical—to you and to us. Our new Login-only sharing ensures that only approved reviewers can access your content. Account-level controls allow admins to enforce this across your entire account.

We’ve also made it easier for your team and reviewers to find exactly what they should be reviewing with Inbox. Whether you’re a Reviewer, a Collaborator, or a Team Member, Inbox keeps all your shares in one convenient and secure place. Inbox and Secure Sharing are available in beta to our Enterprise customers. Are you a non-enterprise user that needs this feature too? Let us know in the comments.

iOS 2.0

We’ve always had a badass iOS app and it just keeps getting better! Design is in our DNA and we continuously hone and redesign our apps to make them as fast, delightful, and useful as possible.

In iOS 2.0 we’ve added some of our web features—like precision scrubbing—which allows you to move through a video frame by frame, with the timecode always in full view. Every time you pass a frame boundary, you’ll feel a haptic event for that extra level of confidence. We also added Read Receipts, a new File Information tab, and team-only commenting.

App marketplace site

In addition to our key NLE integrations, we know you use a lot of other tools. Through our new Zapier integration, we now offer integrations to over a thousand other apps and we’ve made them available through our App Marketplace. Everyday tools like Slack, Asana, and Basecamp are now ready and willing to play nice.

Do you like what you see? Tell us what you think! Sign in to explore v3.5 today, or sign up for a free trial if you’re not already a user.

Emery Wells

Emery Wells is the Co-Founder & VP, Digital Products,