NAB 2022 Announcement

NAB 2022: See You at the Show!

Last time we saw you at NAB it was 2019, that innocent time when we all crowded into a huge exhibition venue, saw new technology and old friends, shook hands, and even hugged.

Who would ever have imagined that it would be three years before we’d do that again? But the good news is that we’re all so excited to see each other (in person!) to reconnect and to share all the new developments and technologies, that NAB 2022 is poised to be one of the most anticipated years ever for the industry at large and for us at

How much have things changed? Read on.

New banner, new location

In the event that you’ve spent the past year in, say, Antarctica or the Galapagos, you may not have heard that is now an Adobe company. But no matter where you’ve been, you still may not have heard that the NAB exhibition hall layout will be a bit different.

There will be a large and knowledgeable contingent of experts to show you the latest tools and answer just about any question you might have.

This year, there’s no South Hall. But you won’t be able to miss the Adobe booth in the North Hall (N3404), where we’ll have numerous demo stations to show you whatever you want to see. From Adobe products to the integrations within them, there will be a large and knowledgeable contingent of experts to show you the latest tools and answer just about any question you might have.

Camera to Cloud

Then, in the Central Hall, you’ll find the booth (C9520). One of the most important features we’ve developed since the last in-person NAB is our Camera to Cloud workflow, and this will be your first chance to see it demoed live.

If you’ve read about it or tried it since its official launch last year, you’ll still want to come by the booth, because we have lots of new partnerships and features to share with you. Our Innovation team will be there to show you how massive the implications are for creating new workflows that can be tailored to your needs and the way you like to work—and how easy they are to implement.

Mostly we hope you’ll come by to say hello. As a company that depends on talking with our customers and colleagues, we’ve missed being able to chat with you, to have the opportunity to learn what you’ve been up to, what you’re working on now (or next), and just to hear how you’ve been.

Set up a meeting with us and stop by our booth. We’re excited to see you at NAB!

Paul Saccone

An editor and workflow expert for 25 years, Paul was the Lead Product Manager for Final Cut Pro for 12 years, and went on to drive the transition of DaVinci Resolve into an NLE. Before joining as Director of Marketing in 2020, he published several books on video editing and is known around the world for his dynamic presentations as a speaker, demo artist, and educator.