Camera to Cloud Beta for RED is Here!

During Adobe MAX in October we announced our new integration with RED V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL cameras which unlocks the ability to get 8K REDCODE RAW files directly from the camera to the cloud. All you need is the camera, a paid or Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, and a high-bandwidth internet connection. Beyond that there’s no additional hardware—or hard drives—required.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that the Beta firmware is now live and available!

Speed and security

Before we ever release new features, we test them extensively for ourselves. We used this workflow on our latest announcement video and we couldn’t believe how fast, easy, and robust it was. During that production, we sent the first-ever automatic transmission of an 8K RAW R3D file, a CDL, a ProRes proxy file, a WAV, and a custom LUT associated with each take directly to the cloud—4TB of 8K RAW right to—without ever downloading a mag. To be clear, this requires internet speeds of 800 Mbps up, at a minimum. 

But you can also “just” choose to go with a ProRes proxy workflow, which requires less networking infrastructure (a minimum upload speed of 80 Mbps) and still gets high-quality files rich with metadata to your editor as soon as the camera cuts. Either way, there’s no more waiting for camera cards to be backed up or for shipping drives, and no more worrying about your media—because it’s safely in the cloud. And what’s also new and exciting about this integration is that it accurately captures off-speed recording, which is something a lot of you have asked for.

The future of filmmaking

Since first announcing Camera to Cloud in early 2021, we’ve grown from our two initial hardware partnerships to more than a dozen. This in-camera integration is just the beginning of more such partnerships, and is the key to the media-less workflow of the future.

You can learn more about the integration and download the beta here. And if you’d like to become a C2C developer, please get in touch with us. The more integrations, the better the ecosystem becomes!

The future workflows these partnerships will enable are just beginning, and we can’t wait to hear from you once you’ve experienced it for yourself. 

Michael Cioni

Michael is the Senior Director of Global Innovation, Adobe.

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