NAB 2022: New Partnerships, New Apps, and Massive Updates

We’re finally heading back to Las Vegas for NAB and couldn’t be more excited to announce all the new updates and features across our entire platform.

There’s something here for everyone: our new app for Apple TV 4K; Camera to Cloud integrations with FiLMiC Pro, Atomos, Teradek, Viviana Cloud, and FDX FilmDataBox; a new native integration with FilmLight’s Baselight color grading system; and high-powered security features like Digital Rights Management and Two-Factor Authentication. And that’s all in addition to for Creative Cloud, which we announced last week.

Camera to Cloud for everyone

One of our main goals is making our product accessible to all video creators, regardless of the software and hardware they use. Our next natural step is to make Camera to Cloud available to anyone who shoots video—whether for movies and TV, commercials, corporate video, live events, or social media.


Continuing its trailblazing support for Camera to Cloud, the Teradek Serv 4K now adds the ability to automatically send low-bandwidth, timecode-accurate 10-bit 4K HEVC proxies of original camera files from leading digital cinema cameras instantly to

That means you can now send 4K files to create color-corrected dailies immediately—there’s no longer a need to wait for hero dailies and swap them for proxies. This opens the door to unprecedented quality in cloud collaboration from the set and even, in some cases, all the way to delivery.


New partner Atomos now brings pro video, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras to the Camera to Cloud workflow. With the release of the Atomos Shogun Connect and a Connect module for existing Ninja V and Ninja V+ devices,’s C2C workflow can be used with any camera outputting HDMI video. This unlocks the power of immediate cloud collaboration for millions of video creators including run-and-gun news teams, wedding and event videographers, corporate and music video production companies, documentarians, and independent filmmakers.

With this new partnership, tight deadlines become less stressful. No matter the location of your editor and the people who need to quickly weigh in on or approve your content, you no longer have to wait for camera cards to download or for files to be transcoded. Your footage is automatically ready to go after every take, so post-production can work in tandem with production. The Connect devices will be available for pre-order from Atomos resellers worldwide soon, and will be shipping in June 2022.

FiLMiC Pro

The biggest pain point for mobile phone creators who are doing more than sharing a short clip or series of stills has always been the process of getting your footage off of your phone and into your editing software.

Now, Camera to Cloud fits in the palm of your hand. With the addition of FiLMiC Pro to the list of C2C connected apps, you get a whole new level of accessibility to cloud-based collaboration right from your smartphone. You can now upload high-quality, lightweight video shot with FiLMiC Pro directly to via C2C and instantly start sharing that content with remote collaborators from any location.

FDX FilmDataBox

Camera to Cloud will also now extend to a wide variety of existing cameras. As a stand-alone hardware-software device, the FDX allows DITs to plug in a camera card or hard drive and walk away while it automatically offloads, backs up, and transcodes camera files to H.264, DNxHD, AVC-Intra, or ProRes files and uploads them to, directly into our Fixed Folder structure for editing or viewing.

Viviana Cloud

The partnership with Viviana Cloud extends the Camera to Cloud workflow to sound recorders that are not WiFi enabled. Now, you can use the WiFi capabilities of the Viviana Cloud Box to upload audio files to from any sound recorder that uses an SD card, opening the workflow to more production crews.

And because it reads all SD cards, you can even upload files from popular cameras like GoPros.

FilmLight’s Baselight

In addition to the new Camera to Cloud partners, we are also announcing an integration with FilmLight’s Baselight, one of the top color-correction systems in the industry.’s seamless integration with Baselight requires no extra extensions or plugins to download, and allows users to upload rendered timelines with marker comments to, choose selectable comments for upload and download, and filter client notes within a list to focus on new notes from specific people.

Through this integration, we are creating a more complete end-to-end ecosystem for colorists, post houses, agencies, and entertainment companies focusing on feature films, episodic TV, and premium broadcast or streaming content.

New features for Enterprise

The new app for Apple TV 4K is here to provide Enterprise customers with a simplified executive viewing platform in a bigger, higher-quality format— perfect for teams in the media & entertainment and agency spaces to watch dailies or view final projects prior to release.

Content is uploaded to a secure Enterprise Inbox that can be easily shared with key stakeholders, allowing them to view high-resolution 10-bit 4K HDR content on large-screen TVs connected to Apple TV 4K devices. Users can now easily autoplay an entire folder or jump between clips using the Apple remote with Play Queue.

We’re also introducing two powerful features to enhance content security: Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). DRM is a multiple encryption method that prevents unauthorized viewing and piracy by allowing only encrypted files to be viewable in the web app, iPhone app, Apple TV, and integrations.

Two-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of security to verify user identity upon login. Admins for Enterprise can enable 2FA for an entire account, and Team members can use popular time-based, one-time authentication apps like Authy, Google, Microsoft, and Okta, or SMS to receive a passcode.

The combination of Digital Rights Management, 2FA, and Watermark ID makes one of the most secure cloud services for high-value pre-release content.

An end-to-end solution

With these latest updates to our video review and approval platform and Camera to Cloud, we’re continuing to revolutionize how video is created. By providing our users with a complete end-to-end solution, it’s now possible for them to collaborate more efficiently whether they’re in pre-production, production, or post.

Pricing and Availability

Camera to Cloud is available now, and C2C features are included at no additional cost for customers with a paid account or with for Adobe Creative Cloud.

The new Apple TV app, FiLMiC Pro, Viviana Cloud Box, and FDX C2C integrations are available today, and Atomos and Teradek Serv 4K will be available soon.

Emery Wells

Emery Wells is the Co-Founder & VP, Digital Products,