Welcomes Matt Feury and The Rough Cut

We’re rolling out the red carpet! Because beginning on June 22, Matt Feury’s The Rough Cut podcast will be featured on the Insider in article form. 

We’ll start off with a bang with the editors of The Flash, Jason Ballantine, ACE and Paul Machliss, ACE. After that, you can visit the Insider every Thursday for a new episode (unless Matt takes a week off, which he hardly ever does).

Matt’s a humble fella whose self-written biography reads thus:

A floppy disk guy living in a flash drive world, Matt Feury has been exploring the world of editing, and chronicling the heroes of the cutting room, ever since one-button mice ruled the post-production landscape. Throughout that journey, he’s been a fixture—think faucet or lightbulb—at Avid Technology, a pioneer and leading provider of digital solutions for storytellers. This long and winding road led Matt to create and host The Rough Cut, a podcast dedicated to celebrating the film and TV industry’s best and brightest practitioners of the editorial arts. 

But if you prod him a little, he reveals that he got his degree in film from Boston University at right about the time that Avid was starting up. He found his professional home there (he’s now Senior Director of Artist Relations) and began dabbling with The Rough Cut in 2005. In 2019 he got serious about it, and since then it’s been a weekly industry resource, providing deep insights into the art and craft behind the biggest movies and shows rolled up in a lively and engaging discussion. Learning and laughing—what more could you want?

Summer is a perfect time to launch this series. In addition to The Flash, you can look forward to episodes on Oppenheimer, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part One, and Barbie. And as we approach the Emmy Awards in September, you can listen to some of his previous interviews with likely nominees including The Last of Us and Ted Lasso, as well as catch an upcoming episode on Abbott Elementary.

So join us in welcoming Matt and visit the Insider for our first episode on Thursday, June 22!

Lisa McNamara

Lisa McNamara is's senior content writer and a frequent contributor to The Insider. She has worked in film and video post-production approximately since dinosaurs roamed the planet.

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