Insider Tips: Three Ways to Move Your Entire Timeline in Premiere Pro

Every week, Insider asks one of our expert contributors to share a tip, tool, or technique that they use all the time and couldn’t live without. This week, Chris Salters demonstrates three ways to move your entire timeline in Premiere Pro.

Three ways to move your entire Timeline in Premiere Pro

No matter the duration of the video being edited, the need constantly arises to move either the entire timeline or large portions of the timeline.  Here are three easy ways for grabbing all your clips in Premiere Pro without the need to zoom in and out.

Select All

As the low-hanging fruit of these options, Select All (Ctrl/Cmd+A) is still a powerful tool in the editor’s tool belt for selecting everything in the timeline.

Track Select Forward

The Track Select Forward (A) tool is best mapped to a custom hotkey, but can also be activated in the tool menu.  Using the tool is as simple as clicking somewhere in the timeline and every clip to the right of the mouse location will be selected.  Hold Shift while clicking to select all of the clips on a single video or audio track.  Modify the selected clips by switching back to the Selection tool (V), then hold shift and click to remove clips from the selection.

Ripple Trim

To me, Ripple Trim works best without using a hotkey.  Set that in Preferences->Trim->Allow Selection tool to choose Roll and Ripple trims without modifier key.  Then in the timeline, your cursor will change based on where it’s placed around a clip’s edit.

Place your cursor in front of the head of the clip, click and then push or pull the entire timeline to the right of that edit.

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Chris Salters

Chris Salters is a freelance video editor who cuts commercials and brand films. Based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, he spends his free time cycling, woodworking, and being a Dad. Chris is fueled by coffee and rewarded by beer.

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