Insider Tips: Use Search Bins to Stay Organized in Premiere Pro

Every week, Insider asks one of our expert contributors to share a tip, tool, or technique that they use all the time and couldn’t live without. This week, Jarle Leirpoll shares how to keep Premiere Pro in order using Search Bins.

Search bins are one of the most underused features in Premiere Pro. You can even make a project template (File->Save as Template) with search bins that sort your material into bins. Import all the material to one bin, and let Premiere Pro sort the clips automatically!

How to create a Premiere Pro Search Bin

Create a search bin by right-clicking in an empty space in the Project panel and choosing New Search Bin. You can choose what to search from in a list, and also decide if you want to combine two criteria with logical operators And or Or.

Building a Premiere Pro Search Bin from “and” and “or” operators.

For reference, here’s how I created the six sample search bins in the example at the top of the article. The 00 Sequences search bin has Media Type set to “sequence.”

The 01 UHD video search bin has Media Type set to “movie” and Video Info set to “3840.”

Setting the Video Info to 3840.

The 02 HD video search bin is identical, but Video Info is set to “1920.”

The 03 Audio search bin has Media Type set to “audio”, the 04 Images has it set to “image,” and the 05 MOS search bin has it set to “video” (meaning video only).

I’m sure you will find many other ways to sort your clips into bins. Remember that you can also assign label colors, and metadata like Exterior, Interior, Interview, B-roll, etc. to further help you sort your stuff.

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Jarle Leirpoll

Jarle Leirpoll is a film maker based out of Norway, and author of "The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro". He runs, where he shares free templates, presets and projects. Jarle has trained people at top broadcasters and media production companies like Disney, BBC, NRK, DR, Swedish TV4, Warner Bros, Discovery Channel and countless others.