Insider Tips: Let Avid Tell You When It’s Done

Every week, Insider asks one of our expert contributors to share a tip, tool, or technique that they use all the time and couldn’t live without. This week, Jack Brown shares how to set up Avid email notifications.

As long-form editors, we often deal with large timelines. This can often lead to long wait times when exporting, rendering or consolidating/transcoding media. Staring at the progress bar won’t make it move faster, but what if Avid could tell you when it’s done?

Avid Email notification
Wouldn’t it be great if Avid could tell you when it’s finished?

That’s where Avid’s email function comes in. This has been inside of Avid Media Composer for as long as I can remember (I started using Avid in 2010 on v3.5) and works very reliably once set up.

How to set up Avid email notifications

  • Just go into your user settings and find the setting labeled “Email”.
  • Double click and you will find the setup menu for email notifications.

On the left are the fields where we set up our email login. (You can get any info you don’t know like the SMTP server from a quick Google of your email provider.) On the right, you can set up the tasks you want notifications for, the email you want to use, and a handy button to send a test email.

I strongly recommend using this once you feel like you’ve entered everything correctly. When you’ve successfully received the test, you won’t have to touch this setting again. (Don’t forget to check your Junk/Spam folder.)

Set your phone to notify you immediately when emails come through and you can grab some time away from your desk while you wait for Avid to finish. It’ll ping you when it’s done.

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Jack Brown

Jack Brown is an Avid editor based in Scotland. He's worked in a variety of roles ranging from assistant editor, 2nd assistant, VFX editor, and editor on productions including Ash vs Evil Dead, Guns Akimbo, Shadow in the Cloud, and Northspur.

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